WhatsApp Adds Quick Reply and Text Formatting

WhatsApp rolls out new text formatting features like bold, italic, strikethrough etc

WhatsApp, the IM app is one of the most popular IM app in the world of IM. Almost all smartphone users use this great app these days. Not only everyone is using it but everyone also loves it.

WhatsApp rolls out the latest updates time to time, sometimes the update is related to bug fixes, sometimes it is new feature update. One of the recent update was it’s of material design. Not only this but WhatsApp has added some useful features too. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

WhatsApp Text Formatting

Since so long there was talks of rich text formatting in WhatsApp was going on which has finally been added in WhatsApp. In the mid-March the basic text formatting was tested in WhatsApp beta but is now finally rolling out though official Play Store updates. And what we observe that this latest update should be working on any version from v2.12.535 and above.

WhatsApp latest Text Formatting options include bold, italics, and strikethrough. If you want to bold a text, simply add asterisk (*) on both side of a word or a sentence. Add an underscore on (_) both sides to italicize a text. And add a tilde (~) on both sides to strikethrough a text.

WhatsApp Quick Reply

WhatsApp Quick reply feature is not new for those users who are already using Google hangouts. WhatsApp has also added this feature. Let’s take a look how it works: when a new message arrived it appears in the notification tray, as usual. To use the quickly reply option, first swipe down on the notification to expand it and you will see a new option for the reply. The same option can be access via heads-up notification. Simply tap on it and a pop-up will appear.

WhatsApp Quick Actions

WhatsApp’s latest update also bundled with options like muting, deleting, and archiving single or multiple chat at once. First tap and hold a chat then tap on other chats to choose them. Once you selected one or more than one chats you will see mute, delete, and archive options on top (delete option for single or multiple group chats is not available right now).

WhatsApp latest update also brings some interesting features like built-in solid color wallpapers which you can further set as your chat wallpapers. Moreover, the camera button in chat now also display the photos and videos from gallery.

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