How to Unlock Bootloader of European LG G5 H850 [Official]

Official method to unlock bootloader of lg g5 European variant H850

LG G5 is the latest release of LG’s G series of smartphones. LG completely revamp the G5’s design with the new complete metal body and a modular design. G5’s specification includes all top of the line hardware and its powered by Snapdragon 820, 4Gb RAM, 16MP rear camera, 5.3-inch of quad-HD display and a micro SD card slot for the expansion of memory.

There is no doubt that rooting is the best thing to unleash the real power of your Android device. You can fully control your Android device through rooting, you can easily delete or install anything you want on your Android device. In order to experience better user experience, you can easily customize your device according to your requirement. But the first step is unlocking Bootloader, in some devices only a single step procedure is enough to unlock the bootloader while in some other devices it’s not that easy to unlock the bootloader. And sometimes you have to wait for the right bootloader unlocking method to arrive. But in G5 case you don’t have to worry because its official bootloader unlock method is released.

Until now there was no proper method to unlock the bootloader of LG G5 was available, but thanks to LG that it released the official method for the European variant H850. Carefully follow the steps of this guide to unlock bootloader of LG G5 to achieve root access and gain full control of your device.

Before starting with this step by step guide make sure you transfer all your important docs, pics, videos, etc. on your device to your PC. You can also use the LG software to backup and restore all your important data, LG Bridge is the name of that software which is easily available on the LG’s website.

Warning: Your device manufacturer warranty will be void if you unlock the bootloader of your European LG G5 H850. We at DroidCosmo, are not responsible for any kind of harm to your device during the whole process. So do it at your own risk.


Steps to Unlock Bootloader for European LG G5 H850

Step 1. Go to Settings application of your LG G5 H850 and enable the Developer options. To do so go to Settings app >> About Phone >> Software Info, then tap on Build Number 6 to 7 times. You will see a toast notification which says “You are now a Developer”. This is the confirmation notification which indicates that your G5’s Developer options is now enabled.

Step 2. Now go to Developer Options and then enable the USB Debugging option/mode. Also, enable the option that says Enable OEM Unlocking, you will find all these options in the Developer Options.

Step 3. Now check your PC status for ADB and Fastboot and make sure its installed, if not then read this guide on “How to Setup ADB and Fasboot”.

Step 4. Use stock USB cable comes with your device to connect your device to your PC.

Step 5. Once ADB and Fastboot successfully installed on your PC, launch a command prompt window, to do so first open the folder where you installed ADB and Fastboot drivers then press and hold shift key on keyboard and right click on an empty area of folder. You should see a drop down options list, click on “Open command window here” to launch the command prompt/terminal window.

Step 6. Now push the following command via terminal window to reload/reboot your device into Bootloader mode:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 7. Once the device successfully booted into the bootloader mode, push the following command code into bootloader mode via terminal window:

fastboot oem device-id

Above command will through a string of Device ID which will be used to generate the unique bootloader unlock key for your device.

Example :

$ fastboot oem device-id


(bootloader) Device-ID

(bootloader) CF54G79S65S465S545SSDF9464DDFD541

(bootloader) H9HFG5H5FGH65FG4H8FG4846H8FG6H1


Step 8. Now in order to generate the Device ID you will have to join those stings which is given in the output to form one continuous string. For the demonstration purpose we picked up two strings from the above example and then joined it, as you can see it here:


Step 9. Now go to LG developer website and login with your credentials, if you are not a registered user then go get a LG account first by clicking on the link provided. Once you get a LG account logged into the LG Developer’s website and then go to this link.

Step 10. Scroll down to bottom of page and click on “Start Unlocking the Bootloader” button.

Step 11. Next you will see Legal Terms, simply click “I Accept” button to proceed.

Step 12. Now type the first 15 digits of your phone’s IMEI number. Type *#06* on phone dialer to view the IMEI number of your phone alternatively you can view it by selecting the Settings >> About phone >> Status >> IMEI menu. And also paste the Device ID which you have generated in the above steps.

Step 13. Now hit the Confirm button. If the provided details (IMEI number and Device ID) are valid then you will get a bootloader Unlock key via email.

Step 14. Check your inbox for the unlock key, then download and paste it in the ADB and Fastboot folder.

Step 15. We assume that your device is still in fastboot mode and its connected to your PC, now push the following command code via terminal window:

Note: We are using this code to unlock your device and it will also wipe all your device data.

fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin

Step 16. Finally push the following command to reboot your device.

fastboot reboot

Cheers! you have completed all the steps successfully and finally unlocked the bootloader of your European LG G5 H850.  Now follow this guide to root and install TWRP on your LG G5 H850.

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