How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac

transfer-files-from-android-to-macMTP (Media Transfer Protocol) was first introduced in Honeycomb back in 2011. Google replaced the old USB Mass Storage with the new MTP mode due to certain limitations in how UMS mode works. It was the good decision to switched from UMS to MTP mode as MTP allows access the storage from “both ends” simultaneously without any interruption to the device functionality. MTP is not that difficult to use even though it was not that popular among people at the start, but now everyone is used to it. Transferring data using MTP is just a piece of cake, what you need to do is to plug-in the device to the PC port and transfer the data. Yes, just like that! But if you are a Mac user then there is a bit more to transfer files from Android to Mac.

Thus, MTP not only works in Windows PC but widely accepted on other platforms. But as you know Macs architecture is completely different from other platforms, so it doesn’t recognize MTP. Well, back in the day when Google first adopted MTP they also rolled out an OS X app called Android File Transfer to transfer files from Android to Mac. AFT was the most reliable app for Mac until October 2012, because it hasn’t been updated by Google in a while which makes it less reliable, and therefore is not recommended. But you can always find 3rd party apps on Google Play Store that will do the same job for you. Today we will show you how to transfer files from Android to Mac using some popular methods.

Android File Transfer


1. First download and install the Android File Transfer app on your Mac. Installation is pretty easy, just follow the installation instructions given on the download page.

2. Connect your Android device to Mac using stock USB cable. Once connected, the app will be automatically launched on your Mac for file transfer.

3. MTP mode is not enabled by default in the devices running on Android Marshmallow or above, so you need to select the MTP mode on your Android device right after you plug-in the USB cable.


HandShaker is another free alternative to the AFT which you can download from Mac App Store. The improved interface of this app is very similar to finder window on Mac rather than the AFT window. The functionality is almost same as AFT but with a pleasant look and feel HandShaker is bit more easy for the Mac users. Plus, it’s also capable to perform some basic file and folder management tasks from the Mac.


Download and Install it from Mac App Store HandShaker

Setting up HandShaker on your Macbook is just a piece of cake, just follow the instructions below:

1. If AFT is already installed on your Mac, uninstall it first. Otherwise it will annoy you every time you connect your device to the Macbook.

2. Enable USB Debugging on Android Device:

  • Open Settings application
  • Tap About Phone
  • Tap Build Number (7 times)
  • You’ll see a message “You’re now a developer”
  • Go back to Settings
  • Tap Developer Options
  • Enable USB Debugging option

3. After enabling the USB Debugging option on your Android device, click on “I have Authorized this Mac to access my Phone” on your Macbook.

4. Connect the Android device to the Mac to transfer files through HandShaker.

5. Now authorize HandShaker on Android device. You will see a popup on your mobile screen for USB Debugging, check “Always Allow” and click OK.

Now you can easily browse and transfer files from Android to Mac.

Transfer Files from Android to Mac Wirelessly

If you’re fed up using USB cable to transfer files from your smartphone to laptops, there are many apps that will help you go wireless. For starters, Portal is a simple app available on Google Play Store which will allow wireless file transfer from Mac to Android. Download the Portal app from below link and visit on your Mac.

If you’re not the one who like to exchange data between devices using USB cable, then you must be the one who love to go wireless. There are several apps available on Google Play Store which will help you to go wireless. Portal is one of such apps. It’s pretty simple and easy to use app that is capable to transfer files from Mac to Android wirelessly.


Download and Install it from Mac App Store Portal

Official Website

Download and Install it from Google Play Store Portal

Open Portal official website on your Mac, scan the QR code from the Portal app on your Android device and you’re good to go. Currently one-way file transfer is allowed i.e. from Mac to Android but if you want more than just file transfer then try Airdroid, AirMore, etc. Download links are given below, simply follow the instructions on the screen to transfer files from Android to Mac wirelessly.


Download and Install AirDroid from Google Play Store AirDroid


Download and Install AirMore from Goolge Play Store AirMore

If you are using any other app to transfer files from Android to Mac, please share it with us in the comments sections below.

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