Snapchat Name Search Secret Tricks To Find & Add Any Snapchatter

Snapchat Name Search Secret Tricks To Find & Add Any Snapchatter

Snapchat doesn’t offer Snapchat Name Search functionality but in the starting of 2015 it introduced a new feature through which Snapchatters have been able to add friends on the SnapChat app via Snapcodes, which is also known as Snaptags. Snapchatters just have to scan the QR codes, the Snapchat’s signature white ghost and yellow backdrop, and tap their screen to add friends.

According to the social network statistics millions of Snapcodes are scanned by Snapchatters each week. Further they enhanced it with beyond the app readability of Snapcodes through sharing it. And made it possible for Snapchatters to download the vector versions of their Snapcodes so that they can place it anywhere on websites, screens at concerts, posters or a number of other places. Not only this but users can now also personalize their Snapcodes according to Snapchat guidelines.

With more possibilities to share Snapcodes with friends it’s not only useful for normal users but for brands, celebrates and content creators also. And this tactic encourages more users to follow each other on Snapchat.

Miley Cyrus, Blake Lively and Rihanna are those famous celebrities who love to promote their work on Snapchat or use it for brand promotions. In Mach 2015, Madonna debuted her first music video “Living for Love” of her newest album on Snapchat. Jérôme Jarre is one of the most popular star of Snapchat. Companies pay him because this entrepreneur has about a millions of Snapchat friends, to share branded content. Los Angeles Country Museum of Art account is also one of the famous account, but they only advertises itself by sharing art work with humorous caption.

You have more options for what to view or who to message if you have more friends or you follow more Snapchat stars, or celebrities. So there will be more reasons to spend good time on the Snapchat.

Snapchat doesn’t offer Snapchat Name Search capabilities as apps like Facebook and Twitter do, find and add friend capability is the very important part of this social media game. It doesn’t even offer a directory or links through which you can add more friends. Typing username by hand is the only option to add friend if you don’t have QR code. But making the Snapcodes downloadable is a good step and its easy for Snapchatters to grow their friend circle.

If you wish to promote your brand on Snapchat, it’s must to deliver the content for your public story, which can be easily access by any user who adds you (this is same as someone following you on Twitter or Instagram), but to also find Snapchatters to connect with. Currently Snapchat Name Search option is not available in the app, the exact username is required, which is not the easy way to find general users or even celebrities.

Following is the list of the places to find Snapchat usernames for both normal users and celebrities.

Snapchat Name Search Directories

Most of the directories allows you to add yourself, plus you can also search for new users to follow by age, location, or gender.




Snapchat Directory

Snapchat Usernames


Snapchat Directories

Here are same more specific directories which focus on certain people, demographics, or industries.

Maximum Pop! Snapchat Directory

Maximum Pop! is basically UK-based Snapchat Directory mainly focuses on celebrities, YouTube stars, and famous bloggers. From the list of categories  you can pick a appropriate category to add yourself in it. In this directory there’re so much to explore like celebrities & musicians activities on Snapchat, or the social activities of UK-based users.

Your Higher Ed Snapchat Directory

If you are searching for colleges or universities on Snapchat then you must browse this directory. Snapchat is also popular among millennials and Generation Z. It’s a great communication tool for higher education institutions to connect with perspective or current students.

Snapchat User Directory

Ken Cook is the mind behind this directory, he is a web and content marketing specialist. This directory allows users to connect with same profession / industry, than just people to talk to or become friends with. This directory is beneficial for you if you’re looking to connect with people in your industry or target audience demographic.


This is the developers directory of Snapchat. This list is also good if you are looking to connect with people who are in IT, development, or technology.

If you know more Snapchat username directory then please share with us in the comments.

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