Save Articles and Webpages for Offline Viewing on Android

save-articles-webpages-offline-viewing-androidPeople who travel a lot know that it’s hard to get stable internet access while on a public transports like bus or train. There are so many other ways but reading while traveling is the best way to entertain yourself. Without stable internet access it seems difficult but not impossible because now we have Pocket to save the day.

How to use Pocket

Pocket is a pretty smart concept encapsulated in a simple app. To explore this app, you have to download the app, you can simply tap the direct download link given below to get this app:

Download and Install it from Google Play Store Pocket

Launch the app and register using your E-mail or Google+ account. Suppose you want to read an article about Allo. So, after you get registered, you can add the article about Allo by simply copy pasting its links in the app. If the article you are reading is interesting you can also archive, recommend or share it with your friends.



You can easily save the complete article in your Pocket, including the media that are on the page like pictures and sometimes the videos. Let me clear things for you, Pocket allows you to save videos for offline viewing sometimes, and that’s because most of the sites like YouTube, etc., don’t allow the app to download the videos for offline viewing because this practice violates their “Terms of Use”.

Pocket allow you to save an article (or video) even if you can’t find the URL by simply tapping on the share option and choosing “Add to Pocket”.


Finally, it’s understood that for the first time Pocket requires data connection in order to save an article. Later you can read it offline.

Pocket Recommendations

In the recommended tab of Pocket you will find different topics, you can save the topics that interest you or follow the people either by their native or by their social accounts like facebook or twitter. After that, recommended articles will start appearing on your app, you can either read them on spot or save them for later.


As I have mentioned earlier, Pocket allows you to recommend the articles to other people. This is not the primary option, but by doing so you will be able to discover new interesting articles and topics.


Have you tried it? Did you like Pocket or not? Feel free to drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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