How to Root T-Mobile LG G5 H830 | Xda tungkick Method

How to Root T-Mobile LG G5 H830 | Xda tungkick Method

LG G5 is the latest smartphone launched this year by LG. LG G5 design is the most innovative design as compared to previous smartphone series of LG. Its modular design with full metal body is really awesome and first of its type. If we compare it with its predecessor LG G4, LG G5 is a complete design overhaul. The specification of LG G5 is beyond expectations and it supports all the latest hardware of 2016 flagship devices. If we look at its software front, the LG UI is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 with a toned downed version of UI. But if you are not comfortable with the LG’s UI and if you want to enhance your user experience with your LG G5 then you may root your device by using this simple step by step guide.

You might have also heard about the rumors circulating on the internet of T-Mobile and LG making the device’s bootloader unlockable. Well now you don’t have to worry about these rumors anymore because finally we have the unlockable bootloader for T-Mobile LG G5. But all the credit goes to the senior member of Xda developer tungkick who managed to root the T-mobile LG G5 H830 by taking advantage of unlocked bootloader. He is the well known player of this rooting game and he is also known for his work on LG devices. Finally here we are with a rooting guide for your LG G5(H830).

Secure Your Data

Before starting with this step by step guide perform full backup of your device data and transfer it to a safe location. Don’t forget to backup apps, pics, music, and all other important stuff that is saved in your device storage. Backup transfer to your PC required an app that will easily move device data to some external storage or to the cloud.

LG Bridge software is the best choice to easily transfer, backup and restore data from your device to PC.


  • LG USB Drivers
    • LGUP software required LG USB Drivers to establish a connection between your PC and device.
    • LG USB Drivers Link

How to Root T-Mobile LG G5 H830

Step 1. Download LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_11.msi file and then install it on your PC.

Step 2. Download LGH830_DLL.msi file and install it on your PC.

Note : Right-click on the above files and “Run as administrator”.

Step 3. Download LGH830AT-01-V10a-310-260-MAR-04-2016-ARB00+0FULLROOT.rar file and extract it to get the file with .tot extension.

Step 4. Download ADB and Fastboot drivers and install it on your PC. Read this “How to Setup ADB and Fastboot on Windows”.

Step 5. Enable the USB Debugging on your phone. To do so, go to Settings >> About Phone >> tap Build Number several times. You should see a toast message says “You are now a Developer!”.

Step 6. Open Developer Options >> enable USB Debugging >> then enable OEM Unlocking.

Step 7. Use the stock USB cable and plug in your device to your PC port.

Step 8. Launch the Minimal ADB and Fastboot window on your PC and push the following command:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 9. The above reboot command will bypass the normal boot and boot your device into Fastboot mode. Once you get into the Fastboot mode push the following command:

fastboot oem unlock

Note : The above command will wipe all your device data, so its recommended to perform full backup of device data before proceeding further.

Step 10. Push the following command to reboot your device:

fastboot reboot

Step 11. Now switch to Download mode. To do so, switch off your device first and then press and hold these buttons just for few seconds (Power+VolumeUp). Once you get into the Download mode, plug in the device to PC once again.

Step 12. Launch LGUP software on your PC. Select UPGRADE >> select .tot file >> Hit the Start button.

Step 13. If everything is going according to the plan then boot the device into TWRP. To do so, switch off the device >> Hold power and volume Down button >> wait for few seconds until Lg logo appears on screen >> only release the Power button for one second >> wait until it boots into recovery.

Step 14. In the TWRP select Wipe option, then swipe where appropriate to perform a Factory Reset.

Step 15. Go back to TWRP main menu >> Advanced >> ADB Sideload.

Note : Make sure your device is connected to your PC.

Step 16. Download and files on your PC.

Step 17. Push the following command via Minimal ADB and Fastboot:

adb sideload

Step 18. Drag and drop the file over the Minimal ADB and Fastboot window and hit the Enter key.

Step 19. Wait until flash process will finish then again psuh the following command:

adb sideload

Step 20. Drag and drop file over the Minimal ADB and Fastboot window and hit the Enter key.

Step 21. Finally reboot to system.

Congratulations! Your T-Mobile LG G5 is now successfully rooted. Enjoy the power of rooted device, now you can customize it even more. Pick the Root checker app from play store to check and verify the root status of your device.

Download and Install from Google Play Store Root Checker

Use the comment section below if you need any further help in this regard.

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