Root Sprint Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge on Marshmallow (SM-G930P/G935P)

root-sprint-galaxy-s7-s7-edge-marshmallow-sm-g930p-g935pIt seems like rooting any Android device, more specifically a Samsung one, is getting tougher. Few years ago it was very easy to achieve root privilege on any Samsung device. At that time all we needed was to download and install a custom recovery and flash the SuperSU through it. In Samsung devices the process was pretty much easier and we just had to flash Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root via Samsung Odin flashing tool. With the advancement of Android OS, things getting more complicated and harder. Android OEMs are up to make their devices more secure through locked bootloaders, and the devices from U.S. operators like Verizon and AT&T are now very hard to root. However, if you own Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and want to root it then here is step-by-step guide to root Sprint Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge on Marshmallow (SM-G930P/G935P).

All the credit goes to senior XDA member colormedroid and special thanks to him for sharing the procedure and files of AT&T S7/ S7 Edge to gain root access on the Sprint variant of these phones.


The steps of this rooting tutorial is bit tricky and will void the warranty of your device. We’ve tried our best to make things as simple as possible and accurate, but we can not assure you that there is no risks involved in it, so proceed at your own risk. Following the procedures of this guide might brick your device which you can recover through installing the stock firmware. Please follow all the instructions very carefully.

Please Note

The rooting method of this guide is twice tested and verified on the G930PVPU2APE1/G935PVPU2APE1 firmware. But it will also work on greater versions of firmware too. And if you are facing any minor or major issue, you can install the PE1 firmware on your Sprint S7/ S7 Edge via Odin and try the tutorial again. You cannot establish the LTE data connection of your device during the whole process but it can be fixed through S7_or_S7Edge_Fixes_V15.

How To Root Sprint Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge on Marshmallow

Requirements and Downloads

Odin Tool (Modified by Princecomsy)

Boot Image File (Modified)

SuperSU Root Package

Note: Download, extract and combine all zip files to a single folder so that you can easily find them later.

  • Turn on Developer option on your Sprint Galaxy S7:
    • Go to phone Settings >> About >> Tap Build number 7 times
  • Turn on USB Debugging on your Sprint Galaxy S7:
    • Go to phone Settings >> Developer options >> Enable USB Debugging
  • Turn off SecureStartup option on your phone:
    • Go to phone Settings >> Lock screen and security >> Secure startup >> Select ‘Do not require’
  • Download and install FlashFire app on your smartphone.
  • Make sure your Galaxy S7 is fully charged (70% at least)
  • Take a complete backup of your device data, apps, logs, etc.

Steps To Root Sprint Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge (SM-G930P/G935P)

If you have successfully downloaded all the required files and everything is set up according to instructions, you can now proceed further.

1. Launch Package Disabler Pro app.

2. Find the following app packages by typing the package name in the search box and then simply disable them.

  • samsung dm phone interface
  • samsung dm service
  • securityLogAgent.

3. Boot your Sprint Galaxy S7/S7 Edge into Download Mode:

  • Switch off the phone
  • Press and hold the Volume-Down + Home + Power keys simultaneously for 3-4 seconds
  • When you see the warning message on your mobile screen release  the keys and press the Volume-Up key to get into the Download Mode

4. Browse Odin folder and launch Odin PrinceComsy.exe as an administrator.

5. Use the stock USB cable to connect your device to PC.

6. Wait for few seconds until the Odin ID:COM port turns blue.

7. Click AP button in Odin, browse g930a (for Galaxy S7) or g935a (for Galaxy S7 Edge) folder and select the file with .tar extension.

8. Click Start button in Odin and wait for few minutes.

9. Next, your device will restart automatically.

10. After that, browse SuperSU-v2.76-S7QC folder and double-click the root.bat file.

11. The above step will execute the root script to install SuperUser on your S7. If the script executes and roots your S7 successfully, you device will restart automatically.

Fixing LTE Data Issue

In this section we will fix the LTE connection which stopped working after rooting.

1. Run BuildProp Editor app on your S7 and open the build.prop file.

2. Search the following code in the build.prop and make the changes in their values as shown below:

  • ro.cdma.default_numeric=310000 to 310120
  • ro.cdma.default_alpha=Chameleon to Sprint
  • to Sprint

Note: It will ask for the root permission, so grant root access when you’re prompted to do so.

3. Save the changes you have made and reboot the device for the changes to take effect.

Note: We assume that you’ve already downloaded and transferred the file to your device.

4. Launch FlashFire app and grant root permission when you are prompted to do so.

5. Now tap on + sign at the bottom-right corner and then tap click on Flash ZIP or OTA option.

6. Select file.

7. Do not change any option and tap check in the top-right corner of the screen. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Flash option.

8. Your device will restart and flash the zip.

9. Turn off Automatic updates and Wi-Fi only options:

  • Go to Settings >> Lock screen and security >> Other security settings >> Security policy updates

10. Reboot the device.

11. Launch Package Disabler Pro app, find “software update” and disable following:

  • com.wssyncmldm.

12. Reboot your Sprint Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge.


Now you can enjoy the root privileges on your Sprint Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge!

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