Right Backup Anywhere for Android: App Review

right-backup-anywhere-android-app-reviewCloud backup services offer you additional storage space to store your important files. This way you can transfer your important data to cloud servers and access it anywhere anytime. When you transfer your data to cloud servers you manage to recover considerable storage space on your device. This way you can also improve the device speed and performance. Cloud backup services have been proved effective vis-à-vis data security and quick access. One such service is Right Backup Anywhere for Android which offers extensive cloud services on your device effortlessly.



Create Right Backup Account: As a first step, it asks you to create an account to avail Right Backup Anywhere app’s services. You can click on ‘Sign in’ if you already have an account on it.

The app features main three functions to take and manage data on cloud servers. These functions include Backup, My Files, and Favorites.

BackUp: This function allows you to take backup of your various files including pictures, music, videos, document, contact files. You can also use Custom Selection to take backup of specific file/s on your device. To take backup of file/s all you need to do is to select folder and file and click on Start Backup option. It will instantly take the backup of your file/s to cloud servers. You can further click on View Log option to see the file location or click on Finish to complete the file backup process.



My Files: My Files displays the file/s you have chosen to take backup with its location on phone. Here you can mark the file/s as Favorites to keep them in Favorites folder. It creates a cache of your files so that you can access the file with better speed next time. It also displays all the attached devices to your Right Backup account from where you can sync your data.


Favorites: This folder includes all those files which you have chosen as “Favorites”. You can remove file/s from Favorites by long pressing on it. You can access these files offline as well.


Upgrade Account: This option brings you to the paid version of this account with some extensive and useful services.



Account: It displays all your account details on Right Backup Anywhere.


Activate Plan: You can activate your paid version account on the App using this feature.


Network: You can select the network (Wi-Fi only/Wi-Fi or data plan) to upload or download data on the app. This way you can prevent your mobile data loss.


General settings:


Set Battery Level: Here you need to set battery level at which your app should stop backup/download of data. Default battery level is at 20%.

Favorites and Downloaded Files: It also displays favorites and downloaded files on your account. You can delete these files as well.

Web Control Panel: You can access the Right Backup account on different browsers as well using this feature.


Additional features:

  • 100% SSL Secure.
  • Free 100 MB trial version.
  • Browser supported account.
  • Your data is secure with Amazon trusted services.
  • Multi-layer data protection.

This amazing app can help you get rid or storage worries instantly and effectively. It offers a range of cloud backup services to make it one of the most advanced cloud backup apps. You can use this app to avail a range of cloud backup services on your Android device. It can prove effective in case of data loss or phone loss. Strongly Recommended!


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