Install & Play The Best GBA Games Pokemon ROMs On Android

Install & Play The Best GBA Games Pokemon ROMs On AndroidYou can now play the best GBA Games Pokemon ROMs on your Android smartphone. But if you want to play Pokemon GO, then you should visit Google Play Store. However, due to some country/region restrictions it’s not available through Google Play Store, But there is also an alternative method to download the game without using Google Play Store. Additionally, hardcore fans use emulators to play other Pokemon games on their Android smartphones.

Some Popular Emulators

  • NES
  • SNES
  • N64
  • GBC
  • GBA
  • MAME
  • SEGA

Instructions in this universal guide are applicable on almost all major emulators, including the emulators listed above. We have already tested it on almost every system and it works great, however it doesn’t mean that we have tried all the emulators out there (they come and go). Once you will try out your first ROM, it will be much easier for you. And the good thing about this universal emulator guide is, you don’t need to use your PC to emulate your desired ROM.

“Most of the emulators work efficiently and they easily recognize zip files only if the zip file is not corrupted. But ROMs like PSX ROMs requires some preparation”.


If your phone does not recognize zip formats by default then you can easily manage it through file manager or any unzip tool available on Google Play Store.

Prepare your device to accept third-party apks. To do so, go to device Settings menu >> Security >> Check the “Unknown sources” box. That’s it!

How to Install the best GBA Games Pokemon ROMs on Android?

Step 1. Get an Emulator

Download any good emulator, either from the links given below or Google Play. Emulators are basically virtual consoles through which you can easily play the ROMs(games), like Super Nintendo (Snes9x), Playstation (FPse), etc.

Step 2. Download BIOS File

BIOS is required only if you are using following emulators, otherwise you can skip this step:

  • PSX
  • GBA
  • and some Atari or NDS emulators

If you are using the emulators listed above, then it’s necessary to download a BIOS file. To download a BIOS file, visit Google Play or download it from the links given below:

BIOS file will download to /sdcard/Download or /sdcard/ext_sd/Download or your device corresponding download folder.

After downloading the BIOS, launch the Emulator and load the BIOS file within the Emulator. To do so, go to MENU > SETTINGS >> BIOS FILE, then browse and select the BIOS file in /sdcard/Download/ or your corresponding sd card/internal storage folder. Make sure you save all these settings for the next boot.

Step 3. Download ROMs(Games)

Follow this link to download the ROMs(Games). Download the ROMs and save it into your device’s internal storage or SD card location: /sdcard/Download.

If your device is not capable enough to manage zip format, you will need a file manager to download ROMs in zip format. So it’s better to download any good file manager from Play Store first.

Step 4. Launch Emulator

Once you launch your emulator you will see a black screen. This is the root of your phones internal or external storage. Browse the folder where you have downloaded the ROMs, this is usually /sdcard/download, /download/ or ext_sd/download/.

If you are using any advance emulator then look for the “Load ROM” option. If you are facing difficulty in finding your ROMs, use the file manager to search for the ROMs file.

Step 5. Let’s Play the best GBA Games Pokemon ROMs

Once you find the ROM file, simply double tap on it and it will start playing. Normally you don’t have to extract the zip files, because mostly emulators are capable enough to decipher them easily. But there are some rare cases like PSX ROMs, because they have multiple compression levels. For PSX ROMs we mostly advise using PC-to-Phone Guides, the process on a phone can be too long because of the larger file size.

Most of the Lite/Free versions don’t offer save state, but if you want that feature, then you have to buy the product!

Enjoy the best GBA Games Pokemon ROMs on your Androids. Share your experience with us in the comment section below and please like & share us on social platforms.

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