Play Best GBA Games Pokemon Go on Rooted Devices

play-best-gba-games-pokemon-go-on-rooted-devicesNo matter how hard you try, once you get into the trance of Pokemon Go, it will never be easy for you to escape from this viral game. The world is crazy about this games and exploring their surrounding for the sake of catching cool Pokemon is now their new hobby. Pokemon Go latest update v0.37 has started rolling out by Niantic Labs last week and the Android devices rapidly receiving this latest update. The latest update introduced personal sidekick with buddy system that will travel with you along the streets. One of the most important changes they have made that now the game is incompatible with rooted Android devices due to which many users are unhappy. All those users who used GPS spoofing and Xposed modules to capture Pokemon deserves all the credits. Now the only working method to play Pokemon Go on rooted Android devices is to use Magisk.

Thanks to topjohnwu, senior member of XDA developer who developed Magisk mod. Magisk is basically the Systemless interface to support several systemless mods. Magisk mod is capable enough to go around SafetyNet API that Android Pay uses to detect root. It can be easily installed via custom recovery but the device should have unlocked bootloader with stock system/boot. If you are not able to go back to stock then simply remove root and Xposed from the device. The device I’m using is rooted by SuperSU, so the unroot steps of this guide are based of SuperSU app. If you rooted your device using some other methods, the procedure might differ a bit.

So, make sure to completely remove root and Xposed from the device to play best GBA Games Pokemon Go on rooted devices.

How to Play Best GBA Games Pokemon Go on Rooted Devices

Unroot the device

1. Open SuperSU app >> Go to Settings tab >> Scroll down to Cleanup Section >> Tap “Full unroot”.

2. Follow the instructions on screen to unroot the device.

3. Restore stock boot image, but don’t perform this action while unrooting.

4. The device will restart to complete the unroot.

Remove Xposed

1. Visit Official Xposed Uninstaller Page to download and compatible uninstaller file.

2. Reboot device to recovery menu.

3. Flash the Xposed Uninstaller using custom recovery Install option and clear cache/Dalvik cache.

4. Reboot to system once the Xposed uninstaller is flashed.

Open device app drawer and make sure root and Xposed installer are removed from the device completely.

Install Magisk

1. Download Magisk mod.

2. Flash Magisk on the device via custom recovery.

3. Reboot to system once completed.

Re-Root and Play Pokemon Go

1. Download the Magisk version of phh’s SuperUser.

2. Flash Magisk version of phh’s SuperUser via custom recovery.

3. Reboot to system.

4. Download and Install phh’s SuperUser from Google Play Store to manage root access.

5. Install Magisk Manager v1.2 on the device.

6. Launch Magisk Manager and turn off root whenever you want to play Pokemon Go. Enable root once you’re done playing Pokemon Go.

Congrats! Now you can easily play Pokemon Go on your rooted devices.

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