How To Get Pixel Like Fingerprint Quick Action Feature on Android

pixel-fingerprint-quick-action-feature-androidGoogle’s latest flagship, the Pixel, has several new interesting and cool features. That’s why it’s in the news for the same good reasons. Google Pixel no doubt is the best Android smartphone of 2016, it has the best camera with a DXOMark score of 89, and it’s over-all a perfect smartphone device. One of the most interesting feature of Pixel is its fingerprint gestures. Pixel users can expand/collapse the notification bar with the help of fingerprint sensor, and now other users can also enjoy this feature of Google Pixel on their Android devices via app. Fingerprint Quick Action is the app that made it possible for you to get Pixel Like Fingerprint Quick Action Feature on your Android smartphone.

Using this app you can do more than just toggling notification bar. You can enable sleep mode, treat it like a home button as well as expand notification bar. To do this, first you need to enable it in accessibility settings which will allow this app to perform some quick actions and detect interface switching. If you want to use the sleep feature, you have to grant root access, otherwise it won’t work properly.

Fingerprint Quick Action is a must have app for those who has fingerprint sensor in their Android devices. All the credit and special thanks goes to the developer of this app ztc1997. Just like any other app, this app will also see some new features in future updates. You can get all the latest updates of this app from this XDA post.

How To Get Fingerprint Quick Action Feature on Android

Steps to get Fingerprint Quick Action Feature

1. Download the Fingerprint Quick Action App APK.

2. Transfer the downloaded APK to your device.

3. Launch the default file manager app, browse the APK file via file explorer and tap on it to open it.

4. Grant it all permissions if prompted.

5. Tap on Install button.

6. Once installation is complete, tap on Open button.

7. Tap to mark the Enable Fingerprint Quick Action Feature checkbox.

8. Select your desired feature from the Quick Action menu.


Now close the app and try out its features.

Please Note

To use Sleep feature, you have to mark the checkbox of Workaround for Fingerprint to Unlock otherwise it might not work properly.

You must enable the ‘Respond to enrolled fingerprints only’ option. This will add an extra security layer and ensure that only you can access Fingerprint gestures on your device. It is recommended for better security.

One thing more you must enable is the Foreground Service. This will ensure that the app will doesn’t get killed when it is running in the background.

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