How To Enable Parental Controls In Google Play Store

Learn how to enable parental controls in google play store

Google play store is the great Android app store on the internet which stores millions of useful apps and interesting games. But not all games are kid friendly. Because some games fall into the category of blood, violence, etc. which you don’t want your kids to play. That’s why we use parental controls.

There is no doubt that the new generation kids are tech savvy. They know about all the latest trending gadgets. Parents who own Android device know the struggle. And this is not the solution that you keep them away from your device. Sometimes you might want to give your device to your kids while waiting in a queue, on a long drive, because if they feeling bored, they start crying. Giving them phone is the only option left so that they can play and kill their boring time. Anyway, what is the point here is that it’s not possible that you keep them away from gadgets, especially a smartphone.

We know that giving them your smartphone might solve your problem but another problem rises if you do so. While playing they might tap on something and wipe out your important data or reset your game progress. It’s also possible that they might make an In-App Purchase (IAP) or buy something from the internet without your knowledge. Kids are innocent so they don’t know the drawbacks specially they don’t know about the credit cards so they might empty your card without even knowing. These are the few possibilities I have mentioned but there are a lot more. The best solution to keep them away from the stuff which is not suitable for them is to activate parental controls. Let’s take a look how to turn it on.

How To Enable Parental Controls In Google Play Store

  • Launch Google play store.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu.
  • Scroll down on the menu to find Settings.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • You should see the parental controls under user control.
  • Simply turn on the toggle and give a pin which you can use to control these settings.

First you have to set content restrictions for your device. One thing you should keep in mind that these settings will be restricted to that device only. If you have one Google account for all your other devices, then it will not be applicable for those devices.

Now you can easily setup the content type for apps, games, movies, books, etc. which will be visible in the Google Play Store.

Parental control ensures that the apps that does not match with the saved category will not be display in the Google play store so it’s obvious that the said stuff cannot be downloaded. However, if your kids visit them via direct link it will be visible. But the good news is that they cannot download them due to the restrictions which you have already setup.

For example – There are some dating apps which have a rating of 18+. This means that these apps are only for those who are 18 or above 18 years old. Now, if you restrict some apps & games in parental controls and only allow such apps which contain 12+ ratings, those 18+ dating will not be display in the Google play store.

One thing more you can restrict on your device if your kids have a habit of tapping on in-purchase stuff of Google play store or make IAP is to set authentication for purchase. You can easily find this option right below parental controls option. Set authentication for purchase as always. Now whenever your kids try to tap on in-purchase stuff it will ask them to enter your Google account password.

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