Organize Your Device’s Photo Gallery: Use Duplicate Photos Fixer

organize-your-device-photo-gallery-use-duplicate-photos-fixerYou might have faced issues of shortage of storage space on your mobile device!

This is the real time problem which almost every user face. Irrespective of the fact how large storage space you have on device initially, it is going to be dried up over time. One possible reason behind the shortage of storage space on your mobile phone includes the existence of a lot of duplicate photos on your device. These duplicate photos accumulate on your phone due to various reasons like photo sharing, downloading of image files multiple times, technical glitches and others. To speed up your device’s performance it becomes necessary to get rid of these duplicate photo files. To do so you can manually select and delete these photos which prove to be time taking or you can use duplicate photos finder apps.

Systweak offers one such app called “Duplicate Photos Fixer” to users. It helps you to get rid of duplicate photos instantly from your mobile to clean some precious storage space on it. It scans and removes duplicate photos from your external storage device as well.



Various scanning options:


Camera Images: Use this feature to select photos taken by your mobile’s camera. It will scan camera images folder only.

Full Scan: You can select “Full Scan” to scan your internal and external storage space for duplicate photos.

Select Folder: You can select a specific folder to scan, using this feature.

Once you select the type of scan you wish to do, next is to click on “Scan for Duplicates”. It will start scanning for duplicate photo files on your device and will display the results. You can further delete the files based on the results found.


Matching Level:


Using this feature you can set the matching criterion for the images to be scanned. You can select from ‘Low’ to ‘High’ to scan for similar or exact looking photos. Matching level range varies in between 86% to 99.99%. Default level stands at 91%.

Unmark All:


You can “Unmark All” groups from results to select it manually. Further, you can delete groups of your choice.

Clear Cache: It will remove all the cache files created by this app in the background. You can find this feature in the settings of the app.

Rescan: You can use this feature to reselect the type of scanning you want to do. Select “Camera Images”, “Full Scan” or you can select a particular folder to scan.

Social Connect:


You can use this feature to spread a word about this app if you really like it. You can share your thoughts on Facebook or by sending email or SMS.

Languages: This app supports different languages to help people around the world. Select the language of your choice to make search instantly.

Duplicate Photos Fixer helps you to delete duplicate image files instantly to recover some storage space on it. You can use this amazing app to de-clutter and organize your data on your mobile easily.

This app is effective with different platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


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