Make Samsung Devices Home Button Touch-Responsive

Make Samsung Devices Home Button Touch-ResponsiveThe home button at the bottom center of the display of every Samsung device not only designed to trigger some options but its presence also distinguish Samsung devices from other devices. Before the integration of fingerprint sensor it was just a normal clickable button to trigger basic actions but it seems that Samsung will soon integrate some more sensors in it. And who knows in the upcoming flagships you will be able to test your sugar, blood pressure, blood group, DNA, etc, via Home Button!

In the recent flagship devices of Samsung the fingerprint scanner is integrated in the home button. One of the most interesting thing about these devices with a fingerprint scanner is that, now you can easily turn your device home button to a touch responsive button. So what’s the catch? You no longer need to push home button, you can tap on it like back and recent key.

Different manufacturers have different strategy in the Android smartphone industry. Some of them have completely removed the physical navigation keys or have moved to capacitive ones. Samsung devices are also equipped with touch keys i.e. back key and recent screen button, but it seems they have planned to stick with the physical clickable home button in the future too. Users who recently migrated to Samsung devices may feel uncomfortable pressing the home button and would like an alternative.

Well, there are several apps available on Google Play Store like Simple Control which allows you to use on-screen navigation button on your device. But how to turn physical home button to a touch responsive one? Well, you can do that also by using the app easyHome for Samsung.

Download and Install Simple Control from Google Play store Simple Control

Jawomo is a famous Android app developer, he has developed an app for the users of Samsung devices that turns the home button to a touch responsive one. This app would only work on those devices which have a fingerprint sensor integrated with their home button. Here is the list of supported devices:

Some Supported Devices

Here is the list of some compatible devices but this app may also work on those with fingerprint sensor.

  • Sasmung Note 5
  • Galaxy S7 /  S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge Plus

Features Highlights

  • Touch-Responsive home button.
  • No pressing of home button.
  • Long touch smart actions like phone locking, launch camera, move to the previous app.
  • Haptic feedback on touch.

It’s a background app, and to avail the features of this app, you must make sure the app is running in the background all the time. Users who are using memory optimization to free up the memory(RAM) of phone, they need to whitelist this app. To enjoy the seamless experience you may need to disable app optimization.


Download and Install easyHome from Google Play store easyHome

Enjoy this app to turn your smartphone’s home button to a touch responsive one. If you find this app useful then share it with your friends and family members.

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