Keep Specific Android Apps from Consuming Mobile Data

Keep Specific Android Apps from Consuming Mobile DataWe all know the worth of mobile internet that how precious it is now. The right consumption really matters that’s why we always try to use it in the most efficient way. It’s now part of our daily routine to track how many Mb’s we have left. So, that we can limit our usage to save some Mb’s for future.

No matter how strict we are in terms of usage but there are some background apps consume most of our data without us knowing.

Let’s find out how to cope with this problem to save some extra Mb’s by disabling background consumption.

How to Preventing Specific Android Apps from Using Data

With few simple tap steps , you can easily prevent specific apps from using your mobile data, so let’s start. First go to the device settings and tap on “mobile data”. A list of those apps which consume most of your data will appear in front of you.

Keep Specific Android Apps from Consuming Mobile Data 1

From this screen you can more than just viewing the apps consumption. You can set the mobile data limit and set the alert notification to restrict the mobile data usage when this limit is exceeded.

Keep Specific Android Apps from Consuming Mobile Data 3

Now, simply tap on that app which is consuming more mobile data in the background.  Then tap on the option which says “Restrict background data”. That’s it! you are good to go now.

Keep Specific Android Apps from Consuming Mobile Data

Some apps refresh using background data to push the notifications, like facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, etc. If you restrict background data then they might not be able to refresh properly. But don’t worry about it, such apps will switch to normal state soon as you launch them again.

Here is a quick tip before I finish this up. You can also disable all the background internet activity at once. To do this, go to Settings >> Data Usage >> tap on 3 dots at top right corner >> and tap on “Restrict background data”. But this action is not recommend as some of your apps might malfunction.

If you find these tips useful or any of your app doesn’t function properly then feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section.

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