How to Install TWRP on Galaxy S7 Exynos Variants (G930F/FD/X/S/W8)

How to Install TWRP on Galaxy S7 Exynos Variants (G930F/FD/X/S/W8)Galaxy S7 is the latest flagship series of smartphone by Samsung. After the great success of its predecessor Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 is the next big step of Samsung to capture smartphone market. Although, you can easily observe many similarities between Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7. But there are some minor changes in design and some prominent improvements in the internal of Galaxy S7. Those who ran out of storage space in Galaxy S6 seems happy now, because Samsung has returned the SD card slot in the Galaxy S7. It’s IP68 water resistant features allows you to enjoy the rain while talking with your loved ones. The camera bump is removed but it’s slight thicker than Galaxy S6 to pack in extra battery.

This guide is about TWRP custom recovery installation on Galaxy S7. If you own the Exynos variant of Galaxy S7 then this guide will work for you. Snapdragon variant come with locked bootloaders by carriers. So the users of Snapdragon have to wait a little more for the working TWRP or any other custom recovery for their devices. Though there have been a news circulating via several blogs that T-Mobile is in talks with Samsung regarding unlocking bootloaders on their carrier. But there is no confirm news when that may happen. So, till then waiting is the only option.

The players of rooting game must be familiar with TWRP custom recovery, but for the new players here is a quick introduction of TWRP. TWRP is a most popular custom recovery of TeamWin Recovery Project that allows you to perform some advance functions that are not available in the stock recovery of your device.

Following are some major functions which you can easily perform on your device using TWRP:

  • Flash ROMs, Mods, etc
  • Make nandroid backups
  • Restore nandroid backups
  • Wipe Data
  • Wipe Partitions

No doubt TWRP is a powerful tool that helps developers and power users to make their life easier.

Caution: The listed steps of this guide may trip your device Knox counter. Hence, the device’s warranty will be void. So, apply the steps at your own risk. Also, make sure you take a complete backup of your device data before starting with this guide.


Samsung Odin Tool

We will use this tool to flash TWRP file with .tar extension.

TWRP Custom Recovery (TeamWin Recovery Project)

This is the custom recovery that we will use to flash on Galaxy S7.

Samsung USB Drivers

USB driver must be installed on your PC, so that Odin can use it to recognize your device.

Chainfire’s SuperSU

Download file if you want to gain root access on your Galaxy S7.

dm-verity and force encryption disabler

If you only want a bootable system partiton or writable data in TWRP then download this.

Steps to Install TWRP on Galaxy S7 Exynos Variants

Step 1. On the normal boot mode go to phone Settings app >> tap on About Phone >> find and tap Build Number 7 times. This will enable the Developer Options.

Step 2. Now enable the OEM Unlock from Settings >> Developer Options.

Step 3. Download and Install the Samsung USB drivers on your PC. The link is given above. Skip this if your PC already has USB drivers installed.

Step 4. From the prerequisites section download the TWRP recovery. You need to download the file with .tar extension. Don’t download the file with .img extension.

Step 5. Odin download link is given above. Download file and unzip it on your PC using any unzipping tool.

Step 6. Launch the Odin window on your PC by double-clicking on Odin3 v.3.10.7.exe file.

Step 7. Now it’s time to switch from normal to Download mode. To do so, power off the device, press and hold Volume Down+Home+Power keys altogether for few seconds. You should see a warning message on your mobile screen, press Volume Up key to confirm the warning, next your device will boot into Download mode.

Step 8. Use the Usb cable that comes with your device to connect your device with PC. Keep an eye on Odin log, as soon as Odin detects your device you will get a Added message in the log and you will also see a blue button.

Step 9. We assume that your device is detected by Odin. Now click on AP button in Odin, Browse and select the file with .tar extension and click OK.

Step 10. In Option tab of Odin, make sure that only F-Reset Time is checked. Do not check the Re-partition and Auto Reboot options.

Step 11. Now hit the Start button of Odin and wait until the process completed.

Step 12. Once the process finished, you will get a success message in the Odin log and a green box saying PASS would appear.

Step 13. Now boot your device into TWRP custom recovery. To do so, press and hold VolumeUP+Home+Power keys for few seconds.

Step 14. You should see the screen asking if you want to allow system modifications. Swipe where appropriate to continue. This step will trigger dm-verity so, your will not be able to boot normally until you flash SuperSU or dm-verity and force encryption disabler on your device.

Note: If you have planned to root your device then simply flash the SuperSU file it will take care rest and make your system bootable. But if you don’t want to root it now then you will need to flash ‘dm-verity and force encryption disabler’ in order to boot your device normally. Now you have two options to make you system bootable. Pick the one from these two files and flash it on your device.

Step 15. Next, select the Wipe option in the TWRP main menu and then swipe where appropriate to format data on your device.

Step 16. Download the SuperSU zip file or the ‘dm-verity’ and force encryption’ from the link given in the prerequisites section and transfer it to your device storage. Do not leave the TWRP while transferring the file.

Step 17. Select the Install option in TWRP to install the zip file >> browse for the SuperSU zip file or dm-verity and force encryption >> swipe to confirm the action.

Step 18. Finally reboot to system and wait until it boots up normally.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the TWRP custom recovery on your Galaxy S7.

Hope you enjoyed this 18 step long journey to install TWRP custom recovery on your Galaxy S7.

If you need any further help in this regard then feel free to leave us your queries in the comments section below.

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