How to Install TWRP on Galaxy S7 Exynos Variants (G930F/FD/X/S/W8)

How to Install TWRP on Galaxy S7 Exynos Variants (G930FFDXSW8)

Galaxy S7 is the next great launch of Samsung’s S series. You can easily find some similarities between Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, but the minor changes in Galaxy S7 design is very sensible and we observe many major improved changes in the device internals too. Samsung returns the slot of SD card in the Galaxy S7, the body is bit thicker as compare to its predecessor the Galaxy S6 but now its IP68 water resistant, the thickness is to hold some extra battery and now there is no more camera bump at the back of the device.

Today we come up with another easy step by step guide to install TeamWin TWRP custom recovery on your latest Galaxy S7. The steps of this guide is only applicable to Galaxy S7 Exynos Variants ( SM-G930F / SM-G930FD / SM-G930X / SM-G930S / SM-G930W8 ). Snapdragon users will soon hear a good news from TeamWin of a working TWRP or any other custom recovery as you already know that their bootloaders locked by carriers. But we have come to know that there is a discussion going on between T-Mobile and Samsung regarding unlocking the bootloader on their carrier. But there has been no confirmed time frame or official announcement made yet.

If you know little bit about the rooting game then you must also familiar with TWRP, but if you are beginner at it let me elaborate it for you. TeamWin Recovery Project TWRP is basically a custom recovery like any other custom recovery it also has more functions as compare to stock recovery of your Android device. It allows you to perform advance tasks so you can easily flash ROM’s, Mods, perform nandroid backups and restore the backups,  wipe data or any other partition on your Android device. No doubt its a very powerful tool that not only helps developers or Android power users but it also beneficial for normal users.

Caution: Your Galaxy S7 device warranty will be void and your phone Knox counter will be trip if you apply the listed steps of this guide on your Galaxy S7. So think twice before proceeding further and do it at your own risk. And for the safe side perform a complete backup of your device data before starting with the listed steps to follow.


ODIN  Software

You will need this software to flash firmware and other files on your Galaxy S7, here is the link to download this software.

TWRP Custom Recovery (A TeamWin Recovery Project)

We will use this custom recovery to flash on your Galaxy S7, you can download it from here.

USB Device Drivers (Samsung)

In order to establish a virtual connection between your PC and device USB drivers are required so that ODIN can easily detect the phone attached to your PC via stock USB cable. Link

SuperSu Package

If you want to gain some extra privileges via root access then download this package from here.

dm-verity and force encryption disabler

But if you are happy with the standard privileges and don’t want to gain the root access then download this file from here.

Steps to Install TWRP on Galaxy S7 Exynos Variants (G930F/FD/X/S/W8)

  • Set up Galaxy S7:
    1. Enabling Developer Options: Open phone Settings app >> then open About Phone >> then tap Build Number 7 times.
    2. Enabling OEM Unlock: Open Settings app >> then Developer Options and turn on the OEM Unlock.
  • Download Drivers and Tools:
    1. Download Samsung USB Drivers: From the requirements section above download the Samsung USB drivers through the given link and then install them on your PC. (This step is optional if Samsung USB Drivers already installed on your PC).
    2. Download TWRP: TWRP Custom Recovery download link is given above, you can download it from there but make sure you download the file with .tar not the .img extension.
    3. Download ODIN: Now download the Odin3 file from the link given above in requirements section, then extract the compressed file on your PC harddisk by using any unzipping tool.

Step 1. Now launch the Odin3 v3.10.7.exe tool on your PC.

Step 2. Then boot your device into Download Mode. To do so, power off your device first then press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power keys altogether just for few seconds only. You should see the warning message on your device after few seconds, simply press Volume Up key to accept the warning note, next your device will boot into Download Mode.

Step 3. Use the original Samsung USB cable to connect device to your PC. Once your device connected to your PC you will see a Added message in the log section of Odin and you will also notice a blue button.

Step 4. Click on the AP button in Odin to browse the firmware file. Select the .tar extension file which you have downloaded and then press OK. Make sure Re-partition and Auto Reboot are unchecked in Options tab of Odin, only the F. Reset Time checkbox should be ticked.

Step 5. If everything is set up according to the steps mentioned above then simply hit the Start button of Odin and just wait for few seconds until the process completes.

Step 6. If everything is according to the plan then you will receive a success message in the log section of Odin and the PASS message would appear in the green box, which indicates that the process completed successfully.

Step 7. After the successful installation of TWRP now its time to boot into the freshly installed TWRP custom recovery. To do so, press and hold these keys ( Volume Up + Home + Power ) just for few seconds.

Step 8. Now you should see the screen where you have to grant permission to allow system modifications. Swipe right where appropriate to continue. At this stage you should keep in mind one thing that this will trigger dm-verity so you won’t be able to boot your phone until you install SuperSU or dm-verity and force encryption disabler on your phone.

Note: Just flash the SuperSU file if you want to root your device, it will take care rest of process and bring back your device to the normal state to make your system bootable. But if you don’t want to root your Galaxy S7 then you have to flash ‘dm-verity and force encryption disabler’ so that your device can boot normally. In order to make your system bootable you just have to install one of these files.

Step 9. Now select the Wipe option and swipe to continue the process of formatting data of your device.

Step 10. Download the SuperSU zip file or the ‘dm-verity and force encryption’ and then transfer it to your device internal storage. Your device should be in the TWRP recovery mode while you are copying the file.

Step 11. In TWRP main menu select the Install option and then browse the SuperSU zip file or dm-verity and force encryption and then swipe where appropriate to continue.

Step 12. Finally reboot your device to System and then just wait for it to boot up normally.

Cheers! TWRP custom recovery is finally installed on your Galaxy S7.

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