How to Install CM13 Marshmallow ROM on Huawei Honor 5X

How to Install CM13 Marshmallow ROM on Huawei Honor 5XHuawei Honor 5X is the most successful smartphone of 2015 and it still has huge demand in the market. The quality of the build is impressive considering the price tag of the device. It comes with EMUI Android OS which is the highly customized version and has its own benefits. We are not saying that EMUI is not good but stock Android OS interface is much more smoother and its environment is also bug free that’s the main reason it’s most preferred Among Android fans.

A month ago, the unofficial version of CM13 for Honor 5X has already been circulated but it has some bugs and doesn’t preferred to use as a daily driver. But, you don’t need to look for it anymore as the Honor 5X is now enlisted in the official list of CynogenMod supported devices. CM13 ROM for Honor 5X is now easily available and it’s bases on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Plus, it’s receiving regular updates from CyanogenMod community. So, here is a detailed guide on how to install Official CM13 Marshmallow ROM on Honor 5X (KIW-L24 / L22 / L21).

A custom recovery should be installed on your device in order to install the Official CM13 ROM on your Honor 5X. You can take a help of this guide below to install it on your device.


You device should have custom recovery installed in order to install the Official CM13 ROM on your Honor 5X. But you can take the help of this guide below if you have’t installed it yet. All the instructions written in this guide is simply and easy to apply.

  • Install TWRP and Root Huawei Honor 5X (KIW-L24)

Following are the download links of the ROM and Gapps which we will use to flash on your device. The CM13 ROM file is required to install the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS on your device and the Gapps package encapsulated all the required Google apps and framework.

How to Install Official CM13 on Honor 5X

Download the CM13 ROM and the Gapps package and transfer them to your device.

  1. CM13 ROM and the Gapps package files download links are given above. First download these files.
  2. Now transfer these files to your device.
  3. Switch to recover mode via rebooting.
  4. Switch off the device and wait for 10 seconds. until proper shutdown.
    • Follow these hardware key combination to boot into recovery mode ( Press and hold VolumeDown + Power simultaneously until the device boots into the recovery mode)
  5. Perform a full nandorid backup of your device for the safe side. Follow this detailed nandroid guide if you need any further help.
  6. Users who are coming from non-CM ROMs perform a full wipe, others can just wipe the cache and Dalvik cache.
  7. Once the full wipe completed, go back to main menu and select install zip.
  8. Browse and then select the CM13 ROM file.
  9. Swipe where appropriate to confirm your action.
  10. Once the ROM is installed, install the Gapps package and Google apps and services.
  11. Finally, reboot to system.

The system will take longer than usual in first boot to build cache for the first time, so please be patient while the device is loading and don’t interrupt the first boot because it may lead you to brick your device.

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