How to Take a Screenshot on Android Devices

how-to-take-screenshots-on-android-devicesToday, we come up with another interesting tutorial on How to Take a Screenshot on Android Devices. We understand that to most of Android users this tutorial seems like trivial one but there may be users out there are in search of such a guide. Screenshots capturing task fall under the category of very basic ‘How To’s’ but it’s really helpful and knowing to do this in several ways may be proven important some day.

Most of the bloggers use screenshots all the time in order to make their articles more attractive and meaningful. While other uses screenshots to share or showing something specific that is in their phone. And some people use screenshots in their videos as well.

How to Take a Screenshot on Android Devices

Hardware Key Combination

Hardware key combination method is the most common procedure to take screenshot of your smartphone’s screen. Press the Power/Lock and Volume Down buttons altogether. That’s it. By pressing these keys an image of the screen will be captured and saved in your Gallery. You will also get the notification of this action in the notification area of your phone.

The hardware key combination method described above will work for most of the Android devices, but some Samsung devices support this (Home + Power) combination. This method will probably work on the earlier models of Samsung devices.

Google Now on Tap

This method is specifically for those Android users who have broken their Volume buttons.


Lots of new features were introduced with Marshmallow version of Android, Google Now On Tap is one of them. To open Google Now On Tap simply hold down the Home button on your phone. Then tap on the little “share” icon to take a screenshot of your phone’s screen.

Third Party App

There are so many different apps on PlayStore for almost everything, so how it’s possible that there is no app for taking screenshots. One of my favorite app to capture screenshot is “Screenshot Easy”.

Screenshot Easy offer multiple methods to capture a snapshot of your mobile screen. One of the most interesting feature to capture the screenshot is by shaking the device. You can turn on all other methods from the app’s settings. This is a very helpful app specially for those who has probably broken some of the device’s buttons.


Download and Install it from Google Play Store Screenshot Easy

We hope that you may have learned something new and useful in this short article. Feel free to share any other tricks you know in the comment section below.

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