How to Take a Screenshot on Android Wear

how-to-take-a-screenshot-on-android-wearCapturing a screenshot with Android Wear is not that difficult as you think.

There was a time when taking a screenshot on Android Wear could be a hectic deal. But now it’s just a piece of cake. Taking a screenshot on Android Wear is now so easy, you just need to open the Android Wear app open on your phone. Now we are gonna show you the steps to perform this action, so that you can take one whenever you need it.

What you’ll need to capture your screenshot is your phone and your smartwatch. First of all, go to that screen on your smartwatch that you want to capture, for example your default watch face. Once you’ve done that you’ll need to launch the Android Wear app on your phone.

Inside app there are three dots in the upper right corner, tap on it to open menu. In this menu you will see five options, what you need to do is simply tap on ‘Take wearable screenshot’. When you tap on it a toast message telling you that a screenshot request has been sent to your smartwatch will appear on the screen.

When you take a screenshot on your phone you can immediately view them but in Android Wear screenshot isn’t actually immediately viewable on your phone or the watch. It will inform you via notification that says “Wearable screenshot finished. Touch to send”. Tap on that notification and it will allow you to send the screenshots wherever you want it to go. Right now it doesn’t seem that all the major apps are ready to accept the screenshots, with notable permissions being many texting apps like Hangouts. But you will get options like Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox to share the out.

The screenshots from Android Wear by default named as screen.png, with no time stamp like you see on a phone screenshot. It means if you need to upload them to any cloud service you’ll need to move folders or give unique names to the image just to avoid the possibility of overwritten when you upload a new one.

In the round watch like Huawei watch or Moto 360, you’ll see that the watch face screenshots show the round face with a black border around it to make the image itself square, while the shots of the reset of the interface are just square. You can crop these down later or you can also make the background transparent to make the round feature stand out.

Hope you like this basic guide to take and share Android Wear screenshots, now you can easily show off what you are using on your devices.

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