How To Setup ADB and Fastboot on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS

How To Setup ADB and Fastboot on Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome OS with Nexus Tools

There will be times when every Android user whether new or veteran have to use Android’s ADB and Fastboot tool. Because it is a must have tool for every Android user. And every Android user should have Android Debug Bridge setup on his or her computer. If you don’t have ADB and Fastboot on your PC then it’s not possible to flash a kernel or system image. It’s not like that ADB and Fastboot tool is specifically helpful for flashing kernel and images only but one can also use this tool for different types of development and testing purposes.

If you are using devices like Motorola, HTC, Nexus and you want to perform some advance tasks like rooting, unlocking bootloader and flashing system images then it is almost impossible without using ADB and Fastboot commands.

Advance users can easily download the Android SDK from the official websites to setup it on their computer in few clicks. But in case, if the user is intermediate the he or she needs some extra guidelines in doing the job. We have already covered some detailed tutorials before but in this tutorial we will do the same job in much simpler way.

If other procedures are little complicated for you and you want to setup ADB and Fastboot quickly then you can do it easily by using the Nexus tools. corbin052198 is the senior active member of XDA who released this handy tool in which you just have to execute a single command line in a terminal window. By using this handy tool you can quickly setup ADB and Fastboot on Mac OS X, Linux or Chrome OS machines. Basically Nexus Tools is not just a program as it sounds but just a simple string of command line.

The complete procedure is also very simple, what you need to do is just execute the following command in a terminal window on your Mac OS X, Linux or Chrome OS computer:

bash <(curl

Once the command executed successfully on your computer it will automatically download all the required files in order to setup the Android Debug Bridge. So it’s understood that it will requires a good working internet connection on your computer.

This is just for your information that this script runs as root so it asks for sudo so that it can copy all the downloaded files to usr/bin. Nexus Tools commands have been tested on Mac and Linux and it works perfectly on these machines but Chrome OS support is in experimental stage. But don’t worry developer has also released the command to uninstall the ADB from your computer:

bash <(curl

So now setting up ADB and Fastboot must be a simple thing for you, no matter whether you are a Linux, Mac or a Chrome OS user. Please note it down before you start using ADB and Fastboot on your Android device, USB Debugging must be enabled on your device to get it working.

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