How To Root Galaxy Tab A SM-T280 and Install TWRP

how-to-root-galaxy-tab-a-sm-t280-and-install-twrpThere are so many reasons to prefer Android over other operating systems and one of the main reason is its endless capability of customization. If your Android device is rooted, you can easily customize it according to your need. But if your Android device is not rooted then only fewer options left to customize it. At DroidCosmo, we focus on delivering the best working root methods so that you can easily root your device and further modify it via custom ROMs, mods and hacks. If you own Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T280, you must root it to unleash the real power of your device to enjoy the custom ROMs, root apps, and mods. In this step-by-step rooting tutorial we will show you how to root Galaxy Tab A SM-T280 and Install TWRP recovery on it.


All the steps of this rooting guide is twice tested and verified. But make sure to follow the instructions of this guide properly and carefully otherwise your device might get stuck in a never ending loop of booting. However, you can restore the device at any stage by flashing the stock firmware, but it’s a good practice to read and make all preparations before proceeding further.


  • Make sure your Galaxy Tab A is fully charged.
  • Perform a complete backup of device internal storage data including apps, logs, and media.

Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T280 and Install TWRP

01. Boot Galaxy Tab A into Download mode:

  • Turn off the device
  • Press and hold the VolumeDown+Home+Power keys for few seconds
  • On warning screen press the VolumeUp key

02. Browse Odin folder on your PC and launch the Odin in administrator mode.

03. Connect the Tab to PC using a stock USB cable.

04. The Odin ID:COM port will turn blue on successful connection.

05. Click the Options tab on Odin and uncheck the ‘Auto Reboot’ checkbox.

06. Click AP button on Odin, browse and select the TWRP file with .tar extension:

  • TWRP_3.0.2-1_SM-T280_25916.tar

07. Click the Start button on Odin to begin the installation process.

08. Once the recovery image file is installed, you will see a secure check failed error message.

09. Now press and hold VolumeDown+Home+Power keys simultaneously for few seconds.

10. Unplug the Tab from PC, press and hold the VolumeUp+Home+Power keys altogether until the device reboots into the recovery mode.

11. In recovery mode, tap Install button, browse and select and install it.

12. After that go back to recovery main menu, tap Install again and flash boot_sepolicy_patch_280_padded.img as “Boot”.

13. Once the file is flashed, select the Reboot >> System option.


When the Tab boots up, it will have root privilege with TWRP Recovery installed on it.

To verify the root status of Tab A, download and install the ‘Root Checker‘ app from Google Play Store.

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