How to Make Google Chrome Load Pages Faster on Android

how-to-make-google-chrome-load-pages-faster-on-androidWe all know that Google Chrome is one of the most popular widely used web browser, both on smart devices and PCs. But it doesn’t mean it’s the best browser for surfing the web. Google chrome quickly gained popularity since the first release and the main reason behind its popularity was its bare-bones design and less complexity. It was the fastest among the top most browsers of all time. And no doubt it was simply the best back then. Unfortunately now its a memory hog both on smart devices and PC. But it still in our app drawer and users don’t want to move away from it now. Those who have a rooted Android devices, here is a good news for you, now you can boost the Chrome page loading time on your Android devices.

You can boost the Google chrome page load time by using a free app Kernel Adiutor which is available on the Google Play Store. The app is capable enough to handle and modify your Android device TCP Congestion. In order to do this you will need to grant root access to this app. TCP Congestion is a technical term not meant for the end user. In simple words, it’s protocol uses congestion control strategy wherein it uses a slow-start in conjunction with other algorithms. This manage the data traffic size according to network capability of transmitting and thus prevents network congestion.

How a browser handles TCP congestion determines its performance, especially when loading secure websites. By modifying this, you can affect the browser lag in both positive and negative ways but of course, nobody wants to make the browser even slower. Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s show you how you can use Kernel Adiutor and Chrome flags to decrease page loading times for certain scenarios.

Browser capability of handling TCP congestion determines its performance, especially when surfing secure websites. Modifying this will defiantly affect the browser lag in both positive and negative ways but it’s obvious that nobody wants to make the browser slower.

How to Make Google Chrome Load Pages Faster on Android

1. First of all download and install Kernel Adiutor from Google Play Store.

2. Launch the app and grant it Superuser access.

3. From the side drawer menu, select Misc option.

4. Now tap on TCP Congestion Algorithm.

5. From the list of options select cubic. Options list may vary and it depends on your device’s kernel. You will find multiple options or only two, but you will see cubic among those.


6. Now toggle on the Apply on boot option at the top.


7. Close the app and launch Chrome.

8. Type chrome://flags in chrome address bar and tap enter.

9. Tap on three-dot overflow menu in the top right corner and select Find in page.

10. Then type TCP Fast Open to search for it on the flags page.

11. Under the TCP Fast Open tap on the blue link that says Enable.


12. Relaunch the chrome.

The system wise changes made by Kernel Adiutor will affects on every browser on your Android device. But you will notice the changes while surfing the secure sites on Google Chrome right after enabling the TCP Fast Open flag in the browser. These kinds of modifications are also device dependent, so share us your experience whether you notice any difference in page loading times.

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