How to Create Android Live Wallpaper App Without Coding

how-to-create-android-live-wallpaper-app-without-codingAndroid customization capabilities are endless. ROMs, themes, and wallpapers are some prominent ways to make your smartphone device look different. Using the live wallpapers is one of those ways, today we come up with a guide on how to create your own live wallpapers.

The good thing about creating live wallpaper is that, you don’t need to be a professional programmer.  Now we have so many tools available out there that do the job for you. Whether it’s a computer software of an app, today we’ll discuss about some tools that will help you to build your own live wallpaper application.

CLWC – Custom Live Wallpaper Creator

(A Windows-based Application)

It’s a very simple and easy to use. After you click on the link given below and download it on your PC it is only a matter of minutes before you already build your first live wallpaper app.

Steps to follow

1. Download and Install the program from the link given below.

2. Launch the program window by double-clicking on the program icon.

3. On the main menu of the program you need to choose the way your wallpaper want to move from seven different options.

  • Shake – Shake your phone to change the image.
  • Rotate  – The image will rotate as you rotate your phone.
  • Slideshow  – A new image will be shown whenever a set duration has elapsed.
  • Refresher  – Every time you turn on your phone on or close an app, a new image will be shown.
  • Animated GIF  –Set an Animated GIF as your wallpaper.
  • Matrix  – Create your own Matrix effect Live Wallpaper.
  • Video  – Create your own Live Video Wallpaper.


4. Fill the information details of your new wallpaper.

5. Choose the image, video, or gif you want to have as a wallpaper.

6. Click the build button and your application will be ready in few minutes.


Yes, it is so simple, now it must be a piece of cake for you to create your first apk.

System Requirements

  • CPU: 800Mhz minimum
  • RAM: 256MB minimum
  • Disk space: 250MB minimum
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768 pixels minimum
  • Operating system: Any Windows® version starting from XP (all 32-bit/64-bit versions supported)
  • Download CLWC

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker – Android App

If you want to build your live wallpaper natively, on your android smartphone. Then here is another app for you. KLWP is a good choice if you want to create live wallpaper on your android smartphone. It’s bit difficult to configure but the plus point is that the possibilities are quite many.


KLWP is not simple as our previous program, it works differently and more complicated way. But KLWP has its own benefits it allows you to add some extra elements to your live wallpaper. elements like text, image, a shape and many more. First you have to choose what you want to add, then you can easily modify things like background, color, text and component’s position.


KLWP doesn’t restrict you to use only a single moving image, you can do a lot more in KLWP to flourish your creativity. Once you start using it, you will enjoy the freedom. And you would love to build a whole new theme from scratch using its tools.


Download and Install it from Google Play Store KLWP

Live Wallpaper Maker Lite – Android App

If KLWP was a bit complicated for you and if your objective is just to create a natively moving image or a video wallpaper, then this simple application is good for you. It works just like CLWC, select and image or video add some items like text and effects and your wallpaper is ready.


Yes, you are right, it’s simple so the features are kind of limited and you can only create live wallpapers natively on your device. So, unfortunately you cannot extract the apk file, share or try to monetize it.

Some Premium Programs

I hope you like these free apps but if you are looking something more professional without thinking the cost, then this is for you. You can count on these premium products that are listed below. First try it then decide to buy.

You can easily get accustomed to these as they work in the same intuitive way as CLWC, offering, with extra features like access to the app source code and more. This is the ultimate freedom you ever dreamed of, by accessing the source code you can add more features to your app and also able to control the monetization aspects of it.

All these programs comes with a price tag of 50$ to 70$. Links of the most popular programs are given below.

LWP Creator

YosSoft LWC

Don’t forget to share you first live wallpaper app with us.

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