How to Add Redo, Undo, Find and Replace Options in Android

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Suppose if you are writing something important on your phone and suddenly your app crash or you lose your data by an accidental key press. What will you do? I think almost everyone have experienced this thing once in a while as this thing is very common.

In our desktops we can undo that mistake with the undo option but do we have an option to undo mistakes in our Android phones? Android OS has been matured enough with time but even after seven years elapsed since its launch, still some basic functions are missing. Functions like redo, undo, find and replace. These basic functions are very common on desktops and are used often by millions of people.

Well, now we can also perform all those functions on our Android phone with the help of an app.  Its name is Inputting+ and it does the stuff that it’s supposed to do very effectively.

How Inputting+ Works

Accessibility permission is the first thing you have to allow right after installing Inputting+. It is by default restricted in Android OS that any app can draw over another app without permission but with a right permission Android OS allows to do so. Inputting+ required this additional permission to provide its features on every screen for easy access whenever required.

Next interesting thing to know is that you can easily access this great function from on-screen floating bubble or from the notification panel. There are some more customization you can do if you select the bubble, like size, color and transparency.

The bubble not always visible on the screen, it pops-up only when a text field is also open. Anything you write or edit it keeps a copy of everything, that’s how it works. It doesn’t matter if you delete the text, Inputting+ always kept a copy of what you have written safely in that floating blue bubble. And since all the operations is performing in the background so there is no chance of distraction unless you have to undo/redo anything.

There are two basic functions it performs i.e. undo/redo and find and replace.

  • Undo/redo: If you want to perform undo/redo function then simply tap on the floating button and all the recently typed text will appear on screen. It only keeps record of major changes so you might have to tap a bit to find the exact text you required. One of the coolest thing is that it perform some actions across apps, so if you have wrote something in Evernote could then used in WhatsApp.
  • Find And Replace: Another interesting function Inputting+ offers is Find and Replace function. With the help of this function you can easily find or replace any word in the text you are editing.

How Secure It Is?

Now a question arise in our mind that if it keeps recording  everything we are typing then it must be recording our password too.

And there is also a possibility that this app is dispatching our personal data to someone over the internet. Just relax, that will never happen. First thing you should know that it doesn’t save our passwords.

In order to read saved password for an app, it requires a totally different permission and by default it doesn’t get access to that permission. Although there is an option or a permission grant trigger which you have to enable first to allow it to save your passwords too. But you have to be sure about it, it alerts you again when you turn that option on. If you are still not satisfied, there is a blacklist option in which you can add all those apps in which you enter your personal data so that Inputting+ will not activate when those apps are open. Second most important thing you should keep in your knowledge that it doesn’t required internet connection access because it works completely offline. There is no chance it can leak your private data over the internet.

However, Inputting+ is not flaw less. It doesn’t support WebView so apps like Google Chrome is not supported.


Although Inputting+ app is freely available but it does comes with IAP. There is a timeline feature in Inputting+ that you can enable in a dollar. This feature saves all of your texts and also arranges it according to dates. By default, it’s capable to save texts of 30 days old.

It is a quit useful app and I found it very easy to use although I haven’t purchased the pro version yet because the normal version work find to me. If you face accidental text erase in routine then this app is worth trying. So give it a try and share your valuable views with us in the comment section below.

Download and Install from Google Play Store Inputting Plus

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