Explore Hidden Settings on Android Marshmallow

Explore Hidden Settings on Android Marshmallow

Whenever a new OS released, there is a lot more to explore specially the hidden settings of that new release which is the most interesting and fun part. Even the hidden away in the menu system can be very helpful, though most of the users may not even know they even exist. Following are some interesting and useful hidden options list which you should explore.

You may have noticed that Google warn you that the System UI Tuner may ”change, break, or disappear in future releases” this useful options gives you some extra features which are becoming essential to your phone. You can turn it on from Quick Settings by swipe down, tap and hold the gear icon on the upper right just for few seconds. Then you have to simply agree to the disclaimer message and the Tuner will be enabled.

Battery Percentage Notification on the Status Bar

The batter life icon you see on the status bar can be very useful, but it doesn’t indicate you about the remaining battery life. This is useful for gamers and for those who use bingo sites. You can enable it through System UI Tuner. Open Tuner then simply toggle “Show embedded battery percentage”, the changes will reflect in the status bar.

Built-in File Explorer

Android Marshmallow bundled with a built-in explorer, but it doesn’t offer those extra and advanced features which are available in third-party apps of Play Store. To explore this feature, go to Settings >> Storage & USB, scroll to the bottom and then tap on explore to browse the files of your phone and storage device.

Grant Permissions to App

When we want to know that which app have access to our phone, then this information should be on our finger tips. This option is missing in the previous versions of Android, but in Android Marshmallow user can revoke access to apps easily. To do this, go to Settings >> Apps >> Name of the App >> the Permissions. By this you can easily set the permissions for the app.

There are so many other new options in Android 6.0 just like this hidden away which you can explore. And it’s obvious that these options make our life so much easy.

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