Google Allo Messaging App features and review

copy-of-2016-09-23_11-34-56Google Allo the new smart messaging app which was announced at Google I/O 2016 for the smart Android and iOS based gadgets is finally here. According to the official announcement by the Google, Allo messaging app will be available worldwide very soon. However, you can download it even if it’s not available for your country/ region. Follow the .apk link at the end of this article to download Allo right now.

Google Allo is an easy to use messaging app with some new interesting features, but do you really need it? Read the review to learn more about Google’s new messaging app.

Install and Setup Google Allo in Android

First you have to check the availability of Allo in your country/ region. To do this, click on the Play Store link given at the end of this article. If Allo is not available in your country/ region, you can always download and install it using the .apk link given at the end of this article. Once you installed it, it will ask you to grant required permissions. Allo also requires same permissions like any other messaging app. So, you have to give permissions for contact and messaging information as well as your location for a feature which we will elaborate below.

After completing the installation procedure you have to submit your phone number first for the verification purpose via sms. And it also allow you to unregister your phone number at any time. This is a good option for those who just want to try this app for a short period of time.


Registration via email option is currently not available in Allo but it saves your primary email account paired with your device.


After completing the verification procedure you have to provide a username and a beautiful selfie of yours for profile. Now your friends can easily find you on Allo either by your number or by name.


Google Assistant

Once the registration process is completed, you will receive the first message. In the first message Google’s virtual assistant will welcome you in Allo.


As you can see in the screenshot, your Google Assistant is here to help you “find what you need and get things done”. In order to enhance its AI capability, Google Assistant will ask you to grant permission to access your location. With the help of this location based feature it will answer your location based questions, including events, museums and other interesting places. You can ask any question at any time, simply type the information that you need to know and the Assistant will do the rest. It may sounds familiar but it’s capable to do so much more. It’s also capable to translate words to different languages as well as provide you with news, travel, and sports highlights. In short, it’s capable enough to deliver everything that Google Now is providing.


I like Allo’s AI Virtual Assistant, this is the most interesting feature of this new messaging app. You can have interesting dialogues with this virtual assistant to build your understanding regarding AI.

Google Allo Features

Another interesting feature of Allo is the Shout & Whisper. Change in font size will be the new interesting trend in text messaging, but basically this feature is meant to make conversation more personal. In order to personalize your experience you can use Allo’s different sticker packs.


The new “Smart Reply” feature of Allo is very smart. Its advanced AI brain suggest you suitable answers so that you can easily replay with one tap. Moreover, as you know that group conversations is the must have feature for any messaging app, so Allo also allows group conversations as well as incognito chat.

According to Google this is how Incognito mode works:


  • You won’t be able to preview your message in the Allo conversation list.
  • Notifications won’t display who sent the message or its content. (Notifications can also be turned off entirely by going to Settings >> Notifications ).
  • Your chats are end-to-end encrypted and can only be seen by you and the person you are chatting with. (This means that Google can’t read your messages, and same restriction will be applied to the features of this app like Google Assistant and Smart Reply.)
  • You can set messages to expire in Incognito mode. This will allow you to set messages that disappear after a defined period of time. You can set the timer to 5, 10, 30 seconds or even 1 week from the top right corner.


Allo is not only artificially intelligent but capable enough to set new trends in the world of messaging apps. If you feel that we have missed something then please feel free to use to comment section below. Google Allo download links are given below.

Download and Install it from Google Play Store Google Allo

Download Google Allo APK

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