How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode ?

How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode How do i get my phone out of safe mode? This is the question many users ask when their device stuck in safe mode. There are so many different ways to put your phone into Safe Mode, but sometimes its hard to get it back out of it. This situation can be extremely annoying especially for basic users who aren’t well aware of the advance features of their phone.

What is Safe Mode?

Normally, your phone will auto switch itself into Safe Mode if anything bad has gone down. It maybe because of any buggy app or a main system function went out of control. Malware attacks can also be the main cause of such behavior.

On the other hand, it might be possible that you could have put your phone into Safe Mode accidentally. Just like how it’s possible to butt-dial your friend while you are talking about him, it may possible to butt-Safe-Mode your device. As we all know that nothing in this world is 100% butt-proof.

There is no big difference between Windows and Android Safe mode, they serves pretty much the same purpose in both OS. Safe Mode takes the OS to its core functions, and preventing users to execute non-stock apps or anything that didn’t come installed on your phone. Basically its a tool, specifically designed for the troubleshooting purpose, but if there is nothing to troubleshoot, then it just won’t allow you to use the full capabilities of your device.

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How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode ?

Reboot Your Device

This simple fix commonly used by mostly users and its also works in most cases. Normally Safe Mode isn’t keep alive for multiple sessions, so give it a try and reboot your phone and see if the problem persists. Simply hold down the power key, tap Power Off, and wait for few seconds until it’s boot completely.

Notifications panel option

This fix is not for all smartphones, but in some devices there is a Safe Mode notification in the notification tray. Swipe down one or two times then find the Exit Safe Mode option and tap it.

Boot with Volume-Down

This method didn’t really seem to work in all cases, but so many users have logged it into our general direction that they have being able to get rid of endless Safe Modes by simply switching off their device and then turn it back on by holding down the Power key and the Volume Down key simultaneously. So give it a try.

Remove the battery

This fix is perfect for those who have phone that has a removable battery, but so many Samsung Galaxy S4 users reported that they successfully escaped out of Safe Mode with this method.

First of all turn off your device, remove the back cover, and remove the battery. Now wait for about a minute, insert the battery back in and turn the device on.

This battery magic trick completely discharge the capacitor and terminate the Safe Mode session.

Uninstall some apps

If no success has been achieved after applying the above fixes, then its an app issue. One of the installed apps on your device causing error, and your device is protecting the system by forcing it to boot into safe mode. Now it’s time to find the main culprit and kill it.

You must be well aware of this that you can’t launch installed apps into Safe Mode, but you can uninstall them. Go to phone Settings >> Apps. Tap an app to select it and then tap Uninstall to remove it from your device.

It’s possible that the app which is forcing your system to boot into Safe Mode is the one which you have installed recently, so it’s better to start with the one which have you have installed recently. Find and uninstall that app, then simply reboot your device. If the problem persists, do the same with the next most recent app on the list.

Try out Factory Reset

This one is like cortisone of smartphone troubleshooting. Do not apply this fix in normal cases, you can try it when everything else fails, as it will wipe out all your device internal data.

Factory Reset option will take your device to its original factory settings. If all other methods fails, this is a surefire way to bring your phone back to life, and you will feel like your phone new again. Then you will have to reinstall all your apps, and unless your important data is backed up, you will lose them.

Hope you are ready, go to Settings >> Backup & Reset >> Factory data reset. A warning notification will pop up that will remind you of the consequences of this action. Confirm your action by tapping “Reset Phone” / “Erase Everything”.

Sit back and wait until it finish. Once it will start again normally, you just have to set it up all again, but Safe Mode will finally be gone.

Other methods

These are some working methods to get rid of Safe Mode. Most of the fixes are as simple as turning the device off and back on again.

If you know any other method to escape from the endless Safe Mode then please share it with us in the comment section below!


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