Get a Popup dictionary on your Android device

get-a-popup-dictionary-789Well it happens with all of us that when we are reading a book or surfing the net we got stuck on a new word. It not possible for a normal human being to remember the countless word of English language and there’s no doubt English is a very vast language. Most of the users already have a dictionary app installed on their device. Whenever they stuck somewhere they look it up in the dictionary app. There was a time when people use to get the meaning of any word from Google. Well, this practice is obsolete now. Popup Dictionary app is the in thing now, which is simple and easy to use.

Quick Dictionary app is the most popular dictionary app which gives you a completely new experience of using dictionary. The built-in popup dictionary of Google Play Books app is worth considering but unfortunately it never went systemwide. Several rooted devices are also capable to deliver same function via mods. If you are not using anything like this then you should try Quick Dictionary app. With this app you can get a popup dictionary or context menu dictionary in any app on your device. The good thing about Quick Dictionary app is this, it doesn’t requires extra configuration. Just few taps and you are good to go. Follow the simple instructions below to get a popup dictionary on your Android device.

Get a Popup dictionary on your Android device

You can easily get a Quick Dictionary app on your Android device free of cost from Google Play Store. So, visit the Google Play Store to download and install the app on your device. Alternatively, you can click on the link below to directly download it from Google Play Store.


Download and Install it from Google Play Store Quick Dictionary

Setup Copy Service/Popup Dictionary in the app

Launch the Quick Dictionary app on your device and accept the license. A ‘How it Works’ popup will appear on the screen, simply mark the checkbox at the bottom for ‘Do not show this again’. On the Control Tab, make sure “Copy Service” On/Off toggle switch is turned on. This will allow you to copy the text in any app to open popup dictionary. You will notice a constant notification in the notification area which you can also turn off via Control Tab. But there is no harm if you let it show notification otherwise force kill app will hunt it down if its idle for too long.


In the Typing Method section of Control tab you can configure dictionary app for those apps or pages that don’t allow you to copy text.

How to use Popup Dictionary

This is the simple yet interesting part. Simply launch any app on your device and copy a keyword or a phrase. Within a friction of time a popup window will appear on the screen with the meaning of the word you have copied. To listen the pronunciation tap on the speaker button at the top-right corner of the popup and to view the meaning in the browser tap the globe button.



Pretty simple, isn’t it? Quick Dictionary is not only useful but it also gives you completely new experience of using dictionary. The best part, it saves your precious time and you can learn more new words without even switching to another app.

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