Extend and Optimize Battery Life with Systweak Android Cleaner

Extend and Optimize Battery Life with Systweak Android Cleaner

There are so many things that have become somewhat of a inconvenience for most of the Android users is the abnormal behavior of apps for smartphones. All the installed apps claims to do wonders on Android Devices. And there is no doubt that the apps make life so much easy. But on the other hand, the more you have the slower your phone reacts. And the very simple justification of this common problem is shortage of space caused by junk files.

Here is a simple way out to rescue your phone from this painful situation. An App!

Systweak Android Cleaner (SAC) is a very powerful app that is capable to boot your phone in more ways than just one. Today we come up with the detailed overview of this awesome and useful app. This app proved itself by its user-friendly interface which makes this cleaning app stand out in a crowd of similar cleaning apps.

When you launch the app, you will see the one tap ‘Phone Boost’ option. The main function of ‘Phone Boost’ option is to free up the RAM space with just a simple touch. RAM is the temporary storage area where most of the unnecessary data gathered automatically due to your downloading and surfing activities.

There are further four more pre-defined functionalities beneath ‘Phone Boost’. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Junk Files: All the redundant data enlisted in this section which you can wipe out, for example temporary data, cache data, APK folders etc. What you need to do is just simply select all the files and folders that you want to wipe out or you can also allow the app to do the same for you.

Storage Manager: This section manage and categorize the different types of files saved in your phone viz. videos, audios, photos, personal docs, chats files, and also downloads. Number of files also mentioned in each type that you can do without. You can easily Auto=select or hand=pick your desired ones which you want to delete. You will be surprised when the list of duplicate files appears in front of you!

Battery Saver: Every Android user well aware of this common problem. You can turn on the Battery Saver option to extend the battery life of your phone. It will also show you the background functionalities information like Brightness Quotient and Bluetooth among other items that drain your battery juice.

App Manager: As we have already said it before that apps are the main culprit. With the help of App Manager you can easily diagnose the memory consumption of installed apps. Once you have gathered all the necessary information then it will be easy for you take the decision whether delete or keep the ones you want.

Once you have completed the cleaning process, you will definitely be surprised that how much space was reserved with garbage. In short the whole process of cleaning Android is basically means optimizing it. And you also don’t have to worry about the automation process because it will ask your permission fist and it will delete the data from your phone’s internal storage or SD Card when you allow it to do so. But for the safe side you can also perform a backup of all your files before deleting it.

It is necessary to clean the Android phone from time to time. Systweak Android Cleaner also has a built-in ‘auto=cleaning-alarm’. This gives option to set your desired time frame during which you want it to optimize your device automatically. You can also put your all apps that you don’t want it to scan into ‘ignore list’ by simply unmark it. Furthermore, this great apps also supports seven different languages other than English.

Systweak Android Cleaner is the best app to optimize any Android phone with simple taps. You can grab the free copy from Google Play Store.

Download and Install from Google Play Store Systweak Android Cleaner

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