Exploring Developer Options Useful Features

Explore the hidden advance and useful features of developer options.

Developer options are famous because of its extra features, you can easily access Developer options which are hidden in the settings menu and the reason is also sensible. Developer options by default hidden by OEMs internationally because it may create problem for you if you play with it. It doesn’t mean that these options may harm your smartphone but your smartphone misbehave if you make some wrong changes in the settings. And once the settings changed it can make your phone run really poor.

Developer options can improve your experience with your smartphone only if the right settings are enabled and there are a lots of new settings you can mingle with. The basic purpose of these settings is to test different apps and Android developers who create apps use this option very frequently. But developer options are also beneficial for the normal users and it can improve their day to day user experience.

Today I’ll share 4 different settings with you, but first, you have to enable the developer options.

How To Enable Developer Options On Android

As I have mentioned previously that the reason developer options are hidden in the settings menu is very logical. But if you want to explore this option then go to your phone’s settings, scroll down to “About phone” and tap on it then scroll down to bottom and tap “Build Number” 6 to 7 times. Number of taps may vary and depends on the manufacturer. Keep tapping the “Build Number” until you see a confirmation message which says that you are now a developer.

After that go back to the settings main menu where you will find the Developer options under the “System” subheading.

The Features:

1. Enable USB Debugging Mode

USB Debugging Mode grant permission to your device to establish a virtual connection between your PC and device using USB port via Android Debug Bridge (ADB). It is also required in unlocking the bootloader and installing of custom ROMs. Moreover, it also allows you to create a backup of your device data on your PC and push ADB commands.

2. Accelerate the Performance of Your Phone

It’s the fact you can accelerate your phone performance by reducing the animation through developer options. It’s up to you that you want to increase the speed of animations or completely disable it. Installed apps load much faster if you completely disable the animations.
To modify the animation settings, go to the developer options and find window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale in the subheading drawing. Here you can decrease the numbers to reduce animation time or completely disable it to make your phone run apps faster.

3. Enable Mock Locations

If you allow mock locations on your device then you will be able to alter location information, in simple words you can make your phone think it’s somewhere it really isn’t. Moreover, if you add apps like Fake GPS Location with it, then you will also bypass the region-restricted apps from Google play store.

4. Force 4x MSAA

By enabling this feature, you can force multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA). In short, the quality of graphics in games will be improved and also those apps that run on OpenGL ES 2.0. There is no doubt that it will increase the performance of hardware but you should also keep in mind one thing that it will also consume the battery faster. You can easily find in under hardware accelerated rendering subheading.

Now you know some of the advance and useful settings from developer options to make your experience better, so go head and modify the settings according to your need. But do it carefully. And just in case you have done some wrong settings, you can also reset it by switching off the developer options.

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