How to Enable Flash Notification on Android Devices

enable-flash-notification-android-devicesAndroid allows you to customize the different notification of your device in many ways and these notification works the way you like it. Ringtones are the most popular choice for many cell phone users but there is another trending notification feature in Android and that is flashlight alert. With Android device you enjoy the extra crisp by adding a flashlight alert. Flash Alert is not a new feature every Android device that has flashlight built in and running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher support this feature. Follow the instructions of this guide to enable flash notification on Android devices.

Simply follow the link given below to download the app:

Download and Install it from Google Play Store Flash Alerts on Call and SMS

Enable Flash Notification on Android Devcies

Using the app you can enable flash notification on Android devices, it doesn’t matter your device is rooted or not. There are several apps available on app store but we’ve chosen Flash Alerts on Call and SMS. It’s available free on app store and you can grab your copy from the link given above. Installation is very simple just like any other app but there are some option which you need to customize before using this app.

The user interface of this app is really nice and clean material design. This makes the app more user friendly. One of the interesting features of this app is that you can set a battery percentage limit, after which the flashlight will start to blink. And at any moment you feel like that you don’t want flashlight alerts, you can easily turn them off with the Volume keys.

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