How to Edit Videos on Android Device

edit-videos-android-deviceThere was a time when video editing was reserved for the professional video editors but things have changed, now anyone can edit videos without using expensive hardware and software. Video editing plays a major role in our daily life, now we don’t just preserve our memories but also edit them in order to make them more beautiful and meaningful.

Whether its cutting down the unnecessary scenes or adding some special effects and sounds, some basic tasks remain same while editing any video. There are several options available to edit any video. Most of the people use their PC or laptop to perform video editing but with the help of smartphone devices we can save our precious time and money. Today we will show you how to edit videos on Android device. As we have mentioned earlier that there are several hardware and software available through which you can perform video editing but in this article we will specifically focus on the Android device to edit videos.


For all those casual users who loves to shoot videos on different occasions but don’t know how to turn them into a masterpiece. Magisto is the perfect video editing tool for you.


You don’t need any certification to operate this powerful video editing tool, simply gather all the photos and videos in your smartphone and hit the button to create your own mashups. You just need to follow the instructions in which you have to select a theme, music, and the duration of your first mashup rest will take care by Magisto itself. And all of a sudden you will be watching your favorite moments in a beautiful mashup. The more you practice the more satisfied results you will achieve. And in few days you will be able to produce your own amazing masterpiece by combing different themes, music, videos etc.




There is an auto mashup feature recently included in this app which can create a great compilation videos using your videos and photos from gallery. But you can always disable this feature from the settings, if you want to create a mashup manually. Magisto no doubt is a must have tool for light weight compilation and you should give it a try.

Download and Install it from Google Play Store Magisto


FilmoraGo is one step forward in functionality and allows you to give a professional touch to your projects because it is more powerful than Magisto.


In FilmoraGo you can compose your own clip in 2 simple steps. First you have to select the photos and videos of your choice which you want to add in your movie and then hit the tap to jump to next step. Then trim down the necessary contend, include different transition effects between scenes and apply the filters to give a life to your movie clip. Finally, hit the tap and your first masterpiece will be ready within few seconds and don’t forget to try its different cool features like Animated text, Title Effects, Overlays, Rotating.




All these useful features plus more will help you to beautify and enhance your moments. FilmoraGo is a powerful video editing tool and worth a try.

Download and Install it from Google Play Store FilmoraGo


InShot, just like FilmoraGo is another powerful tool for video editing and let you add your flavor to your moments. You can add text, stickers, and music in order to create your own masterpiece.


The video editing capability of InShot is superb with a user friendly interface you can quickly edit your movies. It’s simple and easy to use. Simply follow the same steps as with FilmoraGo, and preserve your moments with the best video editing experience.



InShort is designed specifically for those users who want something light weight and simple.

Download and Install it from Google Play Store InShot

Do you use any video editing tool? Which one is your favorite tool? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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