Download Wallpapers from Made by Google Pixel Website

download-wallpapers-from-made-by-google-pixel-websiteGoogle has declared the launch date for its upcoming smartphone in the Official announcement. Google confirms the launch of the Google Pixel in India on October 5, with a video series along with a special website. The new special website is ready but right now its teasing us with the cool wallpapers from the upcoming Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. We are not sure but it seems these photos sliding on the Google Pixel website is captured from the upcoming Pixel phone. There are rumors circulating on the internet that Google is about to ditch the Nexus in favor of the Pixel phone. Everyone is so excited and keenly waiting for October 5 for an official unveiling of Google Pixel.

We couldn’t resist from exploring the source code of the website to get the original links of these amazing wallpapers showcased on the website. We found a set of 43 HD wallpapers encapsulated in the source code. Actually not all wallpapers are in high-resolution but those medium square size wallpapers are also closer to HD quality. The set of random wallpapers include flowers, people, building, roads, nature, boats, signboards, etc. While observing closely we noticed a smartphone placed between two lighting ropes but the image quality is not zoomable.

The photos are quite vivid and high definition, and it seems they’ve captured from the upcoming Google Pixel phones. After downloading all 43 wallpapers we have encapsulated them in a zip file for easy delivery. Scroll down to have a quick peak of the wallpapers before downloading.

Google Pixel Wallpapers

I hope you like these cool wallpaper. So what you are waiting for go grab a copy of your from the link given below. All the beautiful wallpapers are encapsulated into a zip file for your convenience.

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Download Wallpapers from Made by Google Pixel Website

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