Download HTC One A9 Stock Wallpapers

Download HTC One A9 Stock Wallpapers

HTC is of the renowned company who gives us several cool devices and with latest innovations has now been going through an unpleasant phase. And it seems that the past couple of years have not been so good for HTC. Since the rise of new players in the smartphone industry who are providing high-tech features in very economical prices as compared to the older and giant manufactures has totally change the complete scenario.

It doesn’t matter whether any company is big or small, once it fails to understand the taste of consumers it will surely lose its charm. But there is a possibility to bring back the HTC into the game again, the OEM needs to launch something similar to HTC Hero which was released many years ago. There is no doubt that HTC One A9 was the very desperate attempt by the HTC to strengthen itself with a good combination of beauty and power in a sleek form. But we can not deny this fact that its closely resembles the iPhone 6 in looks. When it’s about the quality build and style of its phones, HTC has been inspired by a number of OEMs. Thus, HTC Once A9 is also one of those smartphone from the manufacture that imitates some other renowned manufactures.

If we look at the hardware side, the HTC A9 features a Fully HD Display of 5-inch, powered by Snapdragon 617 chip, with Adreno 405 GPU, internal storage of 16 GB coupled with RAM of 2GB or 32GB of internal storage with RAM of 3GB, 4 MP of front and 13 MP of rear camera, and a Li-ion 2150 mAh battery (non-removable).

On top of all, HTC One A9 is an impressive phone and has also received mixed reviews from all over the world. But it has yet to be seen that whether it will be able to keep up with the tough competition or not.

However, the full range of its stock wallpapers can be acquired from the device on your current device.

Today we have come with the full range of A9 wallpaper.

HTC One A9 has been released with 5 different colour variants and all the wallpapers that are bundled with the device has been specially designed to match the variants of different colour.

You can find 6 full HD wallpapers encapsulated in the zip we have linked below. The common resolution for each wallpaper is about 2160 x 1920 pixles.

Download HTC One A9 Stock Wallpapers

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