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Duplicate files issue is one of the top file management issue of all time. From Mac to Windows and now in Android system cleanup utility is a must have for all operating systems. There are already several system cleanup, security and file management utilities are available for Mac and Windows. In the beginning there were only few apps for Android and the size of the operating system was also compact due to the limited hardware resources. But now with the passage of time Android operating system is growing very rapidly and lots of new apps are coming on daily basis. Systweak is one of such companies which start realizing the need of system cleanup, security and file management tools for smartphones. From the starting their main focus was on utility apps so they start developing all types of utility apps for Android and iOS. Today we are going to have a look at their app called Duplicate Files Fixer.

Duplicate Files Fixer

The manual methods to remove duplicate files from your smartphone is time taking and very risky. First you have to search, sort and then wipe the duplicates from your smartphone. Only the searching part can be tough and there are possibilities that you may delete wrong files. So it’s better to take help of an app to remove duplicates automatically. Systweak’s Duplicate Files Fixer is fully automated and it can delete duplicates such as pictures, audios, videos, and documents with ease.


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Super-fast San Engine
  • Preview Before Deleting
  • Exclude Folders
  • Supports Various File Formats

Its interface designed in such a way that anybody can easily use it. Duplicate media remover is categorized in 5 different options. It’s up to user to scan Audio, Videos, Pictures, Documents or perform Full Scan. Once you select the desired option it starts scans for the duplicates in the respective category. And if you want to learn more about its working mechanism you can swipe the menu to the right and watch the tutorial.

Duplicate Files Fixer Main Menu ScreenshotThe scan engine of Duplicate Files Fixer is not only super-fast but also very intelligent. It gives complete details of duplicate stuff on your Android device. It generates the duplicate results in a group-wise order so that users can easily interpret duplicates. For your ease it unmarked one item by default which considered as the best one or the original one to keep in the device.

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Duplicate File Fixer is fully automated but it also allows you to preview files before deleting them from your device. This feature saves users from accidental deletion of files. Users can also exclude specific files and folders which they do not want to scan. All those files and folders which you have excluded are not scanned and remain intact. Excluded files and folders list can be modified by adding or removing folders path from it.

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Duplicate File Fixer is the best app to clean your device storage from unwanted files and folders which you can use for other important stuff. And you can also save your precious time with the help of this useful app.

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