How to Create Android Widget Without Coding

how-to-create-android-widget-without-codingHowdy! In our previous tutorial we’ve learned about how to create android live wallpaper app without coding. Now it’s time to move on to the next level. So today I’ll show you how to create android widget without coding, with a simple step by step guide.

For the Live Wallpaper App, there are several different tools are available that you can use. But when it comes to creating Android Widgets, Zooper and Buzz are the two solid choices. The working behavior and performance of these two apps are almost same, so I tried to draw some objects with each one of them.

I’ve created some widgets to check their compatibility with the current theme of the device and I’m satisfied with the performance of these apps.

1. Zooper Widget


Zooper is a extremely customizable free application for creating clock, weather, and battery widgets. The installation is very easy and after installation you just need to tap and hold on home screen in order to add a Zooper widget. As with both Zooper and Buzz Widget, you first have to place the widget on home screen and then you can customize it according to your liking.



Now tap on widget you added on home screen and then select your favorite style of clock, weather or battery widget. On next screen that filled with lots of detailing of all the objects present on widget, you can easily customize each one of them separately. This allows you to build completely unique clock for example. Here is the clock I created using Zooper Widget.



Look how simple it was to create a new widget. I created and added the clock on home screen and then changed the colors to match those on wallpaper. To find the color code I used chrome extension. But you can also use photoshop to find the Html color code.

Download and Install it from Google Play Store Zooper Widget

2. Buzz Widget

Buzz Widget is another free and powerful application to create customizable widgets: music, weather, battery, clock, and date. This application works exactly the same way as Zooper. With some additional features, you can also add and edit music player widgets. And this is the first thing I will do with this app, I will create a music player widget from scratch.


Steps to start using this app is same as previous app, first add a buzz widget on home screen and tap on it. Then tap on “Add New Widget” and add the items of your choice on your custom Widget. I used few items like oval shape, image, play, back and froward buttons. I changed the background wallpaper to make the custom widget more prominent.


Resize the items, customize the color and style and the color of objects and your widget is ready. Below is the music player I created using Buzz Widget.


Download and Install it from Google Play Store Buzz Widget

There are so many free application available on play store that can create the same thing. And I noticed most of the apps word in exactly the same way. This tutorial gives you an idea how to create android widget without coding.

Don’t forget to share your first custom widget with us in the comment section below. Please like and share us on social platforms.

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