How to Create, Analyze, and Edit PIT Files using PIT Magic

How to Create, Analyze, and Edit PIT Files using PIT MagicRooting and flashing firmware is the first step towards exploring the hidden chamber of Android devices. Advance operations like rooting, flashing custom kernels, ROMs and mods makes things much more interesting and off-course secure too. Sometimes to cope with unexpected issues we also need to flash stock or custom firmware on our Android devices. Odin tool is the best and easy way to flash stock firmware, CF-Root or any .tar/.tar.md5 files on Samsung devices.

We usually encounter several issues while flashing firmware on our Samsung devices like “Invalid Ext4 image” and “Get PIT for mapping”. One of the major reason behind these errors is incompatibility of partitions sizes of device and image sizes of firmware. PIT file stands for Partition Information Table and it contains the partition table for Galaxy devices. It usually contains all the partition related details like partition name, flash file name, block size etc.

It’s bit time consuming task to find the appropriate PIT file for the specific Galaxy device because there is no such central repository where you can search them all. We have already covered some working methods in our previous articles to extract PIT file from device and some download links for some Galaxy devices. Today we come up with a tool named PIT Magic developed by an XDA member.

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PIT Magic Tool for Samsung Devices

PIT Magic is one of the best available GUI based tool that allows you to modify or create pit file from scratch. You can easily modify the PIT file contents manually with the help of this tool, contents like partition size, add new partitions etc.

PIT Magic tool offers so many options to edit the PIT file to fix the flashing errors in Odin tool. This powerful tool is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows and the installation is also very easy. The latest version of PIT magic requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, and now almost all the latest versions of Windows comes with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 pre-installed.

Some highlighted features of PIT Magic:

  • User-friendly GUI for creating new PIT files from scratch.
  • Editing and changing properties of existing PIT files.
  • Analyzing and reporting of all Partition entries.
  • Deliver human readable reports.
  • GUI based options to export PIT Analysis to Text File or to Clipboard.
  • You can add or remove partition entries in new or current PIT files.
  • Save changes to the existing PIT files or to a new PIT file.

Download the PIT Magic tool from this link and create, analyze, and edit PIT files for your Samsung devices.

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