How To Connect Nexus Devices on Windows 8.1

How To Connect Nexus Devices on Windows 8.1Sometimes updating your device can create new problems. The problems which you never experienced before and this is the drawback of updating devices with a new OS. Those who like to experience new OS’s first they also encounter bugs first. This is the same case when we shifted from Windows 8 to 8.1 or from Windows 7 to 8. People who own devices like Nexus 5, 6 and 7 reporting this issue that their devices were not connecting to the PC. This problem is bit frustrating because the devices did appear in the device manager and the list of known devices with the right name but user’s weren’t able to transfer files and images because it did not appear in Windows Explorer.

If you are also facing the same problem then according to Google search you are not the only one there are other Nexus models too that were also affected. So, today we come up with a solution to this problem for our readers.

How to Connect Nexus Devices on Windows 8.1

Here are some working fixes to resolve this issue:

Check MTP Status:

MTP stand for Media Transfer Protocol, to check MTP ON/OFF status go to phone Settings >> Storage >> Options >> USB Computer Connection. If it’s not already ON then use the toggle ON/OFF switch to turn it on. Make sure your Nexus device is connected to PC using USB cable otherwise this option won’t appear.

Check Device Drivers:

1. Connect your Nexus device to your PC.

2. Then open Device Manager on your PC. My Computer >> My PC >> Control Panel >> Device Manager.

3. Now look for your device name in the list of devices. If there is a entry like Acer ADB Interface / LG ADB Interface; it simply means that the appropriate device driver are not installed on your PC.

4. Right click on the device.

5. Select Update Driver Software and then locate device driver software.


6. Pick the other compatible MTP USB Driver to replace the ADB Driver.

7. Once the right driver installed, the name of that driver will be appeared in the list of devices.

8. Now you can easily transfer or sync the files and images between your PC and Nexus device.

If you are facing difficulty in finding the right driver then feel free to ask for required driver in the comment section below.

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