Install ChatHelper for WhatsApp to Enhance WhatsApp Chat Experience

Use Chat Helper for WhatsApp to Enhance your WhatsApp Experience

We all do socializing with friends and acquaintances in our daily routine because it is the most important part of our daily life which makes our life more interesting. In this high tech era of smartphones and social media apps socializing becomes quite simpler and exciting. And if we talk about instant messaging apps, WhatsApp is the most commonly use messaging app which is easy to use and fast to chat with your buddies. It is lighter in size as compare to other messaging apps, and compatible with low-end to high-end smartphones.

Recently we have experienced a new app which claims to enhances the WhatsApp chat experience. Once the app injected into WhatsApp it will display a WhatsApp widget while you are chatting with someone. The unread messages count appears on widget when not opened which keep updating live. If you click the widget it will show you a screen of unread messages for you to take a glance or directly jump to any conversation. If you switch to a new conversation, you could also go back to previous conversation with the help of back button. And the cross (X) button is always there is you wish to close the widget at any time.

You have to perform two simple steps on your device right after installing this app. Simply go to the Chat Helper app and enable the Accessibility Service, and when it prompts you to create a widget, click on the Always allow button. You have to setup these settings only one time then you are free to go. Once you completed the setup steps, a widget will appear on the right side on the screen, which you can also rearrange if necessary.

To open any conversation simply tap on the widget to get into that conversation, and if you press the back button, it will go back to the precious conversation. If you succeed in learning how to operate it, you will enjoy the truly multitasking experience in the WhatsApp messenger. Right now the app supported JellyBean 4.1 and above versions of Android. You can easily download this app from the link below of Google Play Store.

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Download and Install from Google Play Store Chat Helper

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