Best Android Spy Apps to Track your Loved ones Easily


An android device is a powerful smartphone that is worth owning. It has many amazing features and reasons to use, but one of the best things about droid smartphones is their compatibility with numerous apps. You need to know the best android spyware app that makes it even more fun to spy on a droid smartphone. Here’s a list of the top three apps that you will enjoy using to keep track of what anyone is doing on their Android device, and that too remotely, without holding the target phone in your hand all the time.

First Best Android Spyware App: Xnspy

Although it is an Android spy app, it is compatible with iOS devices too. It offers a number of useful monitoring features that you can access on a browser-based control panel. The idea is to download the app on the target device and run a manual 5-minute installation. Once the app installs, you can activate it and begin remote monitoring. It keeps you invisible to detect and gives you complete access to the following features like text messages, Internet messengers (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, KIK, and Line), Facebook messenger, and Instagram. You can access all photos and videos on the target device, even if the person deletes them later. Since they upload to the control panel they are always available.

You can see all installed apps and block unwanted ones to control usage by the target person. Xnspy allows you to see the browser history and access all bookmarked sites. You can see all incoming and outgoing calls and block unwanted contacts from texting or calling the target device. This app also supports record surroundings. This means you can remotely start the recorder to record ambient sounds and listen to discussions in the background.

Xnspy has inbuilt GPS locations tracking and Geofencing tools that tell you the exact location of the target device. You can get alerts if the target person holding the target device enters or leaves specific areas. It alerts users via 24/7 instant alerts for features like watch listed contacts, email addresses, places, and words used in emails and text messages. You can read entire emails via the Gmail app, and you can see all calendar entries. You can also track the target’s social media activity on Tinder and Instagram. While you do all this, you will remain undetectable.

You can also remotely control the target device. You can take random screenshots; turn on the recorder, lock the device, and wipe of the data in extreme cases.


It costs only $8.33 per month, which makes it the best android spyware app on our list. The true value of an app is when it offers consumers all that they need at a very suitable price. There is a live demo on the site, so you can explore before purchasing it. There are three payment options, monthly, quarterly, and annual. You can find it in the basic and premium versions.

Second Best Android Spyware App:

This app is the second best because of its functions, although very similar to those of Xnspy, are not very comprehensive. You can use it to monitor calls, read text messages, track GPS locations, and monitor browser activity. You can also see all images and videos on the target device (droid or any other Android smartphone). You can access the list of contacts and record surroundings. However, you cannot access internet messenger apps or block apps, which is something xnspy offers.


It is available at a higher price as compared to our number one app. It costs nothing less than $19.99 per month and has limited features. There is a live demo on the site, so you can explore before purchasing it. It is available in the premium or per day payment packages.

Third Best Android Spyware App: iKey Monitor

iKey is a very interesting android spy app too. It offers invisible monitoring and many other features like those that Xnspy does. What makes it different though is that it tells keystrokes and passwords. It also gives you access to voice mails, clipboards, social networking logs (Facebook, Twitter, and others), read emails, takes screenshots, and track GPS. However, it doesn’t have Geo fencing. You can check all calendar entries, track memos, reminders, or notes, and access the contact list. The app sends logs of everything via emails and uploads them to FTC (only for iOS devices). It also uploads data to the online server. You can block unwanted apps installed on the device, fix screen time limits, and control web activity including LAN (Wi-Fi) access. Interestingly, the app also supports multiple languages.

It is the third best android spying app because it offers useful features. However, from an employer and parent perspective, the extra features are not always useful.


It has four payment packages, monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually. The monthly package begins from $59.99. You can download the trial version of this app, but there is no live demo.

The Winner of the Three Android Spy Apps

The winner is Xnspy. The reason is clear! First, it offers all useful features anyone would want. Second, it is the most affordable in terms of price. This means, summing it up, that it’s an app that offers users value for money and proves very useful as a monitoring tool.

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