Best Messaging Apps for Android Device

best-messaging-apps-for-android-devicesMost of the people always prefer texting over calling to maintain more control of the conversation. We exchange texts with each other daily, via smartphones. The buffer of texting helps people to deal with the difficult conversation in a positive way. Apart from the trending messaging apps that work on internet-enabled phones like WhatsApp, SMS apps were and still dominating the communication roadways. However, most of the stock SMS apps that comes preloaded on Android smartphones are usually basic and tend to lack many options. Hence, today, we come up with the best messaging apps for Android device, to make your life more convenient.

Best Messaging Apps for Android Device


Textra is one of the most beautiful SMS and MMS app with lots of useful features. From the welcome screen to the Textra Bot and everything in between is mesmerizing and will surely entrance you, at one time or another.textra-1textra-2textra-3Textra is equipped with all essential settings, and allows you to customize the app UI according to your like and desires. Whether its changing conversation colors or app icon, you can easily personalize your app to make it uniquely yours.

Download and install if from Google Play Store Textra SMS


With bundle of powerful customization options this great messaging app can easily change your old boring default app. With massive theme library and emoji style option Chomp is the perfect alternative for your daily texting needs.



Download and install if from Google Play Store chomp SMS


GO had a ranking app on our previous post 5 Best Android Keyboard Apps, so pairing keyboard with the compatible messaging app is not a bad idea. Just like any other app developed by GO Dev team, GO SMS Pro is also packed with several useful features.





One of the important feature of GO SMS Pro is that it offers a link to a theming app, so that you can easily create your own custom themes. Another interesting feature of GO SMS Pro is very much similar to the money making apps. The feature is quite simple. You have to download and try some apps in order to earn coins. Afterwards, you can use the earned coins to buy different paid themes and customization options. If you like UI tweaking then you must try this app.

Download and install if from Google Play Store GO SMS Pro


Zero is another good messaging app by GO Dev Team. It’s much more minimal than its cousin, to facilitate the different group of users, who don’t want lots of features. It also offers a theming feature, but you have to install its own launcher first in order to use it.

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Moreover, this app also offers some basic security features like password protection. This app is perfect for those who like Zero Launcher and for the minimalists.

Download and install if from Google Play Store Zero

Feel free to share the third party SMS app you are using right now in the comment section below.

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