Best Launchers For Android Device

best-launchers-android-deviceAndroid is one of the most popular operating system known for its wide range of features and flexibility. It gives you the power to customize your device according to your wish. One of the most prominent feature of Android operating system is its customizable launchers. Launcher allows you to customize your home screen so that your easily interact with your device.

There are so many custom launchers available on play store but its not that easy to try each one. So, today we come up with the collection of best launchers for Android device.

Best Launchers For Android Device

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher was first released specifically for the Nexus devices. Based on its popularity, company decided to the launch its another version for other Android devices, and then it was made available for everyone else. Google Now Launcher is now more stable, clean and efficient and the plus point of this launcher is that it’s free.




One of the most important feature of Google Now Launcher is that it’s integrated with Google Now and this feature is available only in this launcher. If you are using Google Now Launcher, simply swipe right to open Google Now to access pre-customized weather, location, Google, etc.

Download and install it from Google Play Store Google Now Launcher

Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is very similar to Google Now Launcher. But there are some unique gesture controls in it. One of its gesture allows you to bring up the list of all installed apps. To do so, simply swipe right. Moreover, it has customized shortcuts and folders with some other useful gestures and it’s pretty fast too on almost all devices.




Download and install it from Google Play Store Action Launcher 3

Nova Launcher

If you want something more powerful rather than just customizable, then Nova Launcher is perfect for you. Nova launcher focuses on power rather than simplicity. It allows you to change or customize the default home screen, and make icons act like folders and so much more. You can grab the free copy of your Nova Launcher from play store. If you want to buy its pro version, you can have it in $4.99 bills.




Download and install it from Google Play Store Nova Launcher

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