The Best GBA Games Pokemon GO Alternatives

The Best GBA Games Pokemon GO AlternativesNever seen such a viral game in my life as the recent Pokemon GO, gamers went crazy about it. “Gotta Catch ’em all.” is not only a powerful motto, it’s a goal that drives all those ambitious trainers. Google Play Store is the number one app store witnessed Pokemon GO popularity in numbers of downloads and ratings. In a very short period of time Pokemon GO broke all previous downloaded apps records and set a new challenging goal for the next viral app. The interesting fact about this games is that it’s not a like other lazy couch games but a game which made people move from their comfort zone to the streets. Its so addictive that people lose their minds in the middle of freeways and public places.

Ever since the launch of Pokemon GO, the servers are under high pressure with millions of gamers throwing the Pokeballs intensely. Now it seems that the graph of Pokemon GO popularity is coming down slowly with time but not the addiction of this kind of gaming. For all those who loves Pokemon GO, there are so many similar geo-location based games are waiting for you which might steal your time. Here are some gamers favorite Pokemon GO alternatives which have almost a similar gameplay but obviously the theme and the story is completely different.

The Best GBA Games Pokemon GO Alternatives

1. Ingress

Ingress is another augmented reality based game developed by Niantic, the company who developed the most poplar Pokemon GO. It seems Pokemon GO set some new goals for Niantic, goals to capture the market of augmented reality technology in future. Both Pokemon GO and Ingress are based on augmented reality technology but according to hardcore gamers, Ingress is very much alike Pokemon GO. It uses same advance geolocation tactics, maps, and GPS technology to make the game addictive.

In Ingress,  there are two groups which are represented in the game with two different colors, Enlightened by blue and the Resistance by green. The player is an agent of one of two groups. Player have to find foreign energy sources using GPS that may pose a threat or will help him in the course of time. It’s not wrong to day that this is the advance version of Pokemon GO where teamwork is very important. In this games players can also communicate with each other using the dedicated messaging system. If we compare it with Pokemon GO the gaming experience is completely different, but at some point you might fee a bit familiar.

Here is the Google Play Store link to download this intense and engaging augmented reality game:

Download and Install from Google Play store Ingress

2. Geocaching

Geocaching is an adventure game, and if you wanna go for a treasure hunt, then this game if for you. The official Geocaching app will give you a complete new experience to supercharge your adventures. There are millions of geocaches scattered all around the world secretly hidden in more than 185 countries. The goal is to collect the maximum number of geocaches. The overall experience of Geocaching is awesome. The detailed instructions makes it more user-friendly and interesting ciphered clues make the game more addictive.

Both free and premium versions of game are available, in premium version the number of geocaches are greater. You can download and try the free version of Geocaching game from the link below:

Download and Install from Google Play store Geocaching

3. SpecTrek Light

Now it’s time to give some relief to our supernatual heroes Sam and Dean Winchester because they have already caught so many dreadful ghosts. So, you might want to learn how to catch those ghosts. But you need to do some practice first, and SpecTrek Light is the best app to practice ghost hunting. It makes you walk down the streets to hunt dreadful virtual ghosts. Your phone camera will help you to detect specters around you, and when the target appears in front of you, hit the catch button.

You need a plan to become a professional ghost hunter, a plan to track down ghosts in your area. Holding your phone flat while walking down the streets activate the map screen. Then you will have to discover the location where ghosts are hiding so that you can catch them. So, what you are waiting for?, the download link is given below, download the app and start hunting the ghosts around you.

Download and Install from Google Play store SpecTrek Light

4. Parallel Kingdom MMO

Parallel Kingdom brings fiction into reality with a virtual touch. Yes it’s another location-based game but not just any ordinary locations because it features dungeons and dragons. You don’t need to go far to find dungeons, take a trip to your neighborhood to find them or if you are brave enough to battle with dragons then find them in your backyard where they are lurking. This game is full of quests and rewards too only if you won. Kill some monsters to clear your path towards next quest and explore the entire fantasy world parallel to us.

Hit the download link below to enjoy this fantasy roleplay game:

Download and Install from Google Play store Parallel Kingdom MMO

5. Warp Runner

If you’re tired of catching Pokemons then keep calm and play Wrap Runner. It’s also an augmented reality game but with a slight changes, it’s not based on geolocation. So, whenever you feel tired or don’t want to leave your couch then enjoy the AR graphics of this amazing game without leaving your comfort zone. Wrap Runner is basically a puzzle game. It doesn’t need higher IQ but a flat surface. You just need to create an arena on your mobile screen and for that you need a flat surface where you can easily point your phone camera.

After creating the arena, you just need to drive a little robot to its destination to complete the stage. It seems simple but it’s not that simple. There are some difficult levels too. But you will love the amusing AR graphics of this game.

Download and enjoy this amazing puzzle game:

Download and Install from Google Play store Wrap Runner

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