Best Battery Saving Apps for Android Device

best-battery-saving-apps-for-android-deviceDropping or losing the phone are the most distressing events for any mobile user but seeing your battery go down at the wrong time is more distressing than that. Most of the time it happen when there is no way around to charge it — but also when you need to make an urgent call. A good charge is defiantly not a solution for this problem. If you really want to extend the battery life of your Android device, something more should be done than just charging it. Today, we come up with few Android apps that will surely help you to extend the battery life of your Android device.

Best Battery Saving Apps for Android Device

Greenify (Oasis Feng)

You won’t believe it but it’s a fact that using apps that kills other apps in order to conserve battery bars — drains more battery juice than they supposed to save. When an app restart it actually consumes more battery juice than it would in getting back from the hibernation state.

That’s what exactly Greenify will do. It does not kill the running apps, it automatically puts the apps into hibernation, putting apps into hibernation when they are on idle state, saves battery life. It also allows you to set priority for specific app so that it can put them into hibernation accordingly.




Download and Install it from Google Play Store Greenify

Battery Saver 2016 (EnjoyPlus)

You should consider Battery Saver 2016 a must have app for your Android device not only because what it does but what details it provides you. From its dashboard you can get the complete information regarding the battery consumption of your Android device. You can easily monitor the apps power consumption to see which app is consuming more battery juice.

Some powerful toggles like WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Data connection, Airplane mode are also included in this app through which you can quickly turn on what you need and turn off the reset. Another useful features of this app is brightness control that allow you to control the brightness to save power as well. Moreover, it give you an accurate calculation of remaining battery life.




Download and Install it from Google Play Store Battery Saver 2016

Amplify (Ryan Steckler)

Most of the messaging and some other apps sends you a notification, and these notification wake up your device if it’s sleeping. When a Android device awakened continuously, it drain battery faster. Amplify stop this cycle, by blocking wake locks or apps that wake your phone up constantly. Moreover, it allows you to monitor alarms and some other services that might be consuming more battery.





Download and Install it from Google Play Store Amplify


In order to save your battery life you can perform the following steps:

  • Put your phone on charge when it’s back up to the cloud. The process of backing up your data to the cloud consumes more battery juice, but you can save it by putting it into charge mode.
  • Reduce the power consumption of polling apps by changing the polling intervals and frequency can extend the battery life of your device.
  • Turn on the extra power saving features. In some Android devices there are extra power saving features that can easily cut down the functions of your device to save battery life.

A dead device can only be used as a paper weight. With the help of these apps and tips, you can easily get rid of battery draining issues.

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