How to Backup and Restore EFS Data/ IMEI on Galaxy S7

How to Backup and Restore EFS Data IMEI on Galaxy S7Hardcore Android enthusiasts who play rough with their devices know the importance of EFS / IMEI partitions. Because these hardcore players of rooting game are well aware of consequences that might occur when they are rooting the device and flashing various custom images/ROMs. Several users reported issues like they are unable to make calls or facing internet connection issues right after flashing the ROM on their devices. Well these issues are quite frustrating, especially for a normal user.

EFS Data

In Samsung devices, EFS partition stores the following data:

  • IMEI
  • MAC Address of Wireless Device
  • Baseband Version
  • Product Code
  • System ID
  • NV data

If EFS gets corrupted while flashing, you will encounter some connectivity issues. Issues like “Can’t connect to network” or “Unable to connect to the Internet” were commonly reported by users. Normally the IMEI number and baseband information are listed in the About Phone section of the device. But you can’t even see the IMEI and baseband info if EFS gets corrupted. That’s why developers recommend users to perform backup of EFS Data/ IMEI partitions.

In order to backup and restore EFS Data/ IMEI on your Galaxy S7, make sure your device is rooted. But if you haven’t rooted your device yet then follow the link given below:

How to Backup and Restore EFS Data/ IMEI on Galaxy S7

1. Go to Google Play Store and download the Partitions Backup and Restore app.

2. Now lunch the Partitions Backup and Restore app on your Galaxy S7/s7 Edge.

3. A list of partitions will appear on your mobile screen.

4. Select the EFS and Radio partitions from the list.

5. Hit the download button to backup the EFS partitions on your device.

6. Grant SuperSU permission if prompted.

7. Then choose the backup location and format for the EFS.

8. Restoring the EFS partition is also very easy, simply tap on menu (3 dots) top-right corner and select the Restore a Partition option. Then select the backup which you want to restore and wait until the process completed.

9. Once the restore is completed, reboot the device.

Tip: Use your device external storage to store backup, it’s a good practice to increase redundancy.

Now you can easily backup and restore EFS partitions of your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge anytime you want.

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Download and Install from Google Play Store Partitions Backup & Restore

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