How to Backup Android Devices Without Root

how-to-backup-android-devices-without-rootThere was a time when mobile phone was just a simple gadget that allows us to make/receive calls and send text messages. It has now become a smart gadget that remains awake while we sleep, stores personal data, reminds us of upcoming events, calculate and computes for us. When the question arise that how technology can make our life better and richer, mobile phone is the best answer. Our smatphone stores data of different categories like contacts, messages, apps and games downloaded from the app store. And when we buy a new smartphone, we have to give some extra time to configure it according to our preferences and it takes a lot of time.

Players of the rooting games know the trick to take a nandroid backup of their devices via CWM or TWRP recovery, and thus creating backup of all the data i.e., apps, settings, calendar etc. Backup apps are very common on Google Play Store and so advance that you can easily preserve all your mobile data, but most of these apps are for rooted users only. But you know that everyone is not techie, there is a large groups of people who don’t want to root or modify their devices. So, how it’s possible for them to backup their apps, messages, call-logs, phone settings, calendar, user dictionary, bookmarks, APNs, etc.


Perform nandroid Backup on Android using Custom Recovery

Most of the Android users accidentally loose such data but causes might be different.  If you are confident that you will never loose your data because you never indulge into such activities that are the main reason of data loss, then think twice because things do not always go as planned. Suppose you downloaded and installed an app from Google Play Store and when you launched it, your device freezes! What would you if you encountered a bootloop? You will have to factory reset your device to fix it and doing this all your device data will be wiped out including apps, games, contacts, messages, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you had performed complete backup of all your important data stored on your device?

Today we come up with the most popular apps that can backup all apps, call-logs, messages, contacts, etc, so later you can easily restore them in case you have lost them. We have already tested all the features and functionality of these apps on devices of different OEMs.

App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore is a good choice for those who wants to backup their non rooted Android phones and tablets. You can backup all third-party apps installed on your device with the help of this app. This app has an advantage over other popular apps, this app works without root. But there is a limitation also, you cannot backup the app data. It only allows you to backup .apk files to the external storage of your device like SD card. The good thing about this app that it can also backup the system apps and for that you will have to turn on this feature from app settings. It use external storage folder “App_Backup_Restore” to store all backed up apps.


Download and Install it from Google Play Store App Backup & Restore

Launch the app and choose the apps you would like be backed up and hit the “Backup” button. Restoring the app is also easy, simply tap on “Archived” tab, choose the apps and hit the “Restore” button. Moreover, you can also schedule the backup operation from app settings.

Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile is the newest among the reset at Google Play Store that is capable to create backup of various types of items. This multi feature app is a great way to backup and restore your important data including SMS, MMS, contacts, call logs, user dictionary, system settings, APNs, calendar events, browser history and bookmarks. It uses SD card or device memory to store data and also compatible with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It’s up to you to perform backup manually or schedule automatic backups.


Download and Install it from Google Play Store Backup Your Mobile

Easy Backup & Restore

Easy Backup & Restore, as the name suggest is a simple and easy to use app, specially designed for those who like things simple. It knows almost all the tricks to backup and restore your contacts, messages, call logs, calendar entries and bookmarks. You can backup your data on the SD card, or upload them online to the cloud services of your choice like Gmail, Google Drive or Dropbox. Both manual or schedule backup features are available in this app. The look and feel is very nice specially the dark holo look. After installing the Easy Backup & Restore app on your device, you don’t need to install any other app for backing up your contacts, messages, logs and other data.


Download and Install it from Google Play Store Easy Backup & Restore

Super Backup App for Rooted Phones

If you are using rooted Android phone or tablet, there is another good app available on Google Play Store that can easily backup all your important data in a few taps. Super Backup app is one of the most popular tool to perform backup operations on rooted Android phones or tablets. It offers various types of backup operations like backup of apps with settings and data, messages, contacts, call-log, bookmark, calendar, etc.


Download and Install it from Google Play Store Super Backup

We hope you would like our collection and it will help you in keeping your important data always backed up. Comment section below is for your valuable queries. If you know about any other better backup app, please share with us.

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