All About The ATTFamilyMap App for Android & iOS

All About The ATTFamilyMap App for Android & iOS

Do you think you should know where your teenage daughter is right now? Are you wondering why your husband is running late and where he is right now? Would you like to know about your school boy and would like to know his exact location? AT&T FamilyMap App is capable enough to answer all your questions, it’s a mobile technology that helps you trace mobile phones at any time.

About ATTFamilyMap

This mobile phone tracking app uses the same advance tracking technology using by law enforcement departments and cellular companies to locate a specific person. But now you can also use this technology to track family members or relatives through your phone. This app is capable enough to locate exact location using their mobile devices. It also informs you though sms if the person reached a certain location. Moreover, you can also track your stolen or lost phone through this phone tracking system.

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How does it work?

You can easily operate it using the web, the wireless and the GPS technology. But this app is not restricted to work with GPS phones alone. It supports almost all kind of devices obtained from AT&T, including their basic phones. It can easily be installed on almost all major platforms and devices like Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad. This app uses web-based interface which means you can easily manage it using a web browser.

Some Highlighted Features :

  • It display the location using interactive map.
  • A list of landmarks can be setup within the app to view them later.
  • You can send your family members location via email, voice call or sms.
  • It keeps your information secure and private.
  • It is compatible with any At&t phone and service plans.

 How to get this app?

Right now A&t is not offering any free plan so you have to purchase this service. And it is available only for the AT&T wireless service customers. If you would like to avail this service you have to pay $9.99 each month for two billing group members and $14.99 for five group members. But you can try it before you buy it, a 30-day trail period is also available. You can test this service by downloading the app and then simply activate your free trail. After the expiry period you can continue using this app by availing any of the two plans listed above.

Some more info about app

It requires you to log in to AttFamilyMap system to use this app. Once you logged into AttFamilyMap system you will see a web-based map of your current location. By default the map will show you the top view, but you can also zoom it to see the roads and the aerial shots of the vicinity. Moreover, it also allows you to view bird’s eye view and a side-angle perspective of the map. There are options available on map through which you can locate yourself, as well as the people within your billing group. It’s very user friendly, secure, and a  must have tool for your mobile phone. There is no restriction of any specific area, you can use it anywhere where there is a strong AT&T signal on your device.

Download and Install from Google Play store AT&T FamilyMap

Download and Install from iTunes AT&T FamilyMap

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