Apps Similar To Evernote : 5 Best Alternatives

Apps Similar To Evernote : 5 Best Alternatives

If you facing problem to forget things easily because of work load, then you should learn about how productive note taking can be in our daily life routine, especially if you are busy because of work load, with so many tasks assigned to you or if you are a student who has to submit variety of assignments before the deadline. Evernote is the most popular tool for note taking and archiving and it need no sort of introduction.

Evernote offers so many useful productive features that will help you to manage your work load, specially the assignments and other things by means of creating productive notes, that can also be synced with multiple devices and platforms, across the boundaries of location. Evernote not only restrict notes to text but you can also add rich media like pictures, articles, handwritten note and more. Having said all these, Evernote is not the one and only solution for note taking you can depend upon! There are programs like Evernote with so many possibilities when you need to look for alternatives.

1. Simplenote

As compare to Evernote, Simplenote is more user friendly because of its simple user interface anyone can easily get accustomed to it, however Simplenote only supports text-based notes only. Some key features include note sharing, you can easily synchronize your text-based notes with multiple devices running on different platforms. The synchronization features of Simplenote is powered by third party software, such as nValt and Notational Velocity. It also has ability to backup your notes. And the interesting thing is that Simplenote is created by the same firm which created that is by Automattic.

You can grab a free copy from play store, plus the cross platforms supported tools for iOS, Mac, Android and Kindle are also available along with a fully supported web version. You can also use some third-party solutions like Notational Velocity and nValt for Mac to sync your notes.

Download and Install from Google Play store Simplenote

Download and Install from iTunes Simplenote

The simple user interface of Simplenote is one of the main reason why we prefer it to Evernote and programs like Evernote, even when it offers the basic group of features which are indeed useful.

2. Google Keep

With the basic approach in term of design Google Keep grid-based arrangement is so easy that anyone can get familiar with it in seconds. Some prominent features include list-based notes, colour codes for notes, sharing notes ability with others, add reminders within notes. Plus, Google Now can read these reminder, OCR feature to extract text from images, automatically-transcribed voice notes etc. On top of all if you have an Android Wear, you can easily read your notes from Google Keep.

You can download its Android based app free from play store, Chrome web-based extension from Chrome web store and its iPhone or iPad app is also available on itunes.

Download and Install from Google Play Store Google Keep

Download and Install from iTunes Google Keep

Download and Install from Chrome Web Store Google Keep

There are not just one but so many reasons to prefer Google Keep to Evernote and apps like Evernote some main points are like its strong integration with Google’s other services and a friendly user-interface when compared.

3. DEVONthink

DEVONthink portray its image as a personal virtual assistant, that manage your notes, docs, bookmarks etc. There are four major plans it offers right now such as DEVONthink Pro Office, DEVONthink Pro, DEVONthink Personal and DEVONthink To Go. Some intelligent features of DEVONthink personal include ability to text, images, advanced search, AI based processes and many more. The synchronization capability of DEVONthink allows you to sync your docs and notes in all your Macs, not only on the internet but you can also choose the local network to perform sync.

DEVONthink is basically a premium service for professionals. The cost of DEVONthink Personal is $49.95 and DEVONthink Pro is of $79.95; for further pricing details of other plans visit official product page.

Download and Install from iTunes DEVONthink

DEVONthink professional features are superb and that is the main reason to prefer DEVONthink is better than Evernote. However, limited cross platform support is still an issue.

4. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote, formerly known as Microsoft Office OneNote, is one of the best available notes keeping app. In OneNote you can easily access your notes from almost all major platforms. It allows you to add web clipping as notes, you can easily convert your emails into notebooks, add pictures etc. Plus you can create check-list based notes. And on top of all the collaboration feature of Microsoft OneNote. Is also supports third-party applications like Chegg, Zapier etc.

It available free to download and supports almost all major platforms like Windows, Windows Phone, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon & Web.

Download and Install from Google Play Store OneNote

Download and Install from iTunes OneNote

Download and Install from Microsoft Store OneNote

If you are a Microsoft lover and use its services in your routine techy life, then it makes enough sense to prefer Microsoft OneNote over Evernote or apps similar to Evernote, especially when you are already habitual of clean interface of this note-taking solution and the strong integration it has with Microsoft Office 365.

5. SOHO Notes

SOHO Notes is a very powerful notes keeping solution and its capable to store notes in form of text, pictures, voice, PDF’s, videos, forms and web clippings. It supports almost every sort of resources to create notes with. You can easily access your SOHO notes from your iPhone, iPOD or iPAD. Some interesting features include Calendar-based view of notes, check box-based lists, hyperlinks in notes, advance search and its capable to organize all your notes with impressive folder, label and tag system.

Mac and iOS are the two supported platforms by SOHO. It comes in two packs, Single User pack and Family User Pack. Single User Pack is of $39.99, Family Pack User for $69.99. It also offers synchronization app for iOS devices that has to be purchased separately.

No doubt both the actual app and the synchronization app are bit expensive, but the features are really impressive and it’s not wrong to say that it’s a best digital note-taking and archiving app for Mac.


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