Android Nougat on Galaxy Note 7 with N930FXXU1BPH6 Firmware

Android Nougat on Galaxy Note 7 with N930FXXU1BPH6 FirmwareIt’s only a week ago since the Nexus devices received the first official Android Nougat update and now other devices owners are keenly waiting to taste a bit of Nougat. However, other flagship owners have to wait bit more for the official Android Nougat updates.

But it seems, this time it won’t take much longer as Samsung has already started pushing a minor upgrade with the firmware version N930FXXU1BPH6 which gives a glance into the Android Nougat on Galaxy Note 7 devices. The 196MB of N930FXXU1BPH6 firmware update gives you a sneak peak of Nougat with a super smooth interface.


Several Note 7 users have already received the N930FXXU1BPH6 firmware OTA update which is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The latest OTA updates brings some important security patch along with a fair amount of improved UI changes. The most prominent thing to notice is the notification drop-down menu which was completely revamped to look like the Nougat notification menu.

Some other UI improvements we observe are the app icons, which are now downsized in folders. But the most important thing users have reported an overall smooth performance and improved battery timing on the latest firmware.

This latest firmware update is available for SM-N930FD and SM-N930F models and the reset of variants might receive the update soon. For those who are really excited about this latest update and cant wait more for the update to reach their device, then download the firmware files from the links given below and flash it on your device right now. The firmware files listed below are complete ROMs, so it will completely erase your device data during the process. So before proceeding further make sure you have performed a full backup of your device data.


Make sure you download the right firmware according to you region and variant. The wrong selection might brick your device.




  • Juice up your Galaxy Note 7 above 70% battery level to avoid power interruptions during the process.
  • Perform a full backup of your device data, Contacts, SMS etc. you can use Google Sync service or any other third-party app.

Steps to Install N930FXXU1BPH6 Firmware on Galaxy Note 7

1. Firmware download links are given in the firmware section. Pick the right firmware that is compatible with your Galaxy Note 7. Download the firmware file with .tar or .tar.md5 extension.


2. Download Odin tool and unzip the zip file on your PC. After extracting the Odin zip file you will get these files in folder:

  • Odin3 vx.xx.exe
  • Odin3.ini

3. To launch Odin window, simply double-click on Odin3 vx.xx.exe file.

4. Now turn off your device and boot it into the Download Mode:

  • Switch off the device and wait until it’s fully switched off.
  • Press and hold these keys altogether ( VolumeDown+Home+Power)
  • Once you see the warning screen on your device, release the keys.
  • Press VolumeUp key to continue boot into download mode.

5. Use the stock usb cable to connect the device to PC and make sure it’s detected.

6. Once the device is connected, ID:COM port on Odin will turn Blue / Yellow. You’ll also notice a “Added!” message in Odin log, which indicates successful connection.

7. Click on AP / PDA button on Odin, browse and select the firmware file.

8. There are multiple file slots available in Odin, i.e. AP, BL, CP, CSC, PIT. If the firmware you are using has multiple files then add the firmware components to corresponding slot.

9. Go to Options section of Odin and select Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time, uncheck everything else.

Note: Using the PIT file will re-partition your device, make sure you know what you’re doing otherwise it may cause some serious problem if something goes wrong.

10. Click the Start button on Odin to start the process. Be patient, because it might take some time depending on the firmware size.

11. You will get a PASS! or RESET! message on Odin then your device will restart automatically right after the process is completed.

Scroll a bit down and share your experience with us in the comment section below. And do let us know if you feel any difference in performance of your Note 7 after the upgrade.

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